Son of Sérgio Machado mounted clip to record the PMDB caciques

Machado spoke to his youngest son about the possibility of his own record conversations with politicians months ago.
16/06/2016 14h43 - Updated 16/06/2016 14h45
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The day 15 December 2015 It changed the outlook of the former president of Transpetro Sérgio Machado on Operation Lava Jato. That morning, the former head of a subsidiary of Petrobras, company led between 2003 e 2014, by appointment of the PMDB, It was targeted search and seizure of the Federal Police. He was at home, in Fortaleza, with his wife and grandchildren.

Once the feds left the family residence, Machado was counsel with Expedito Machado, one of his sons. Concerned about the advancement of Lava jet and the risk of being arrested at any time, the former president of Transpetro talked to the youngest on the possibility of his own record conversations with politicians.

In Sérgio Machado vision, staples could serve him 'to defend against other versions of the facts that might arise'.

asked, So, Expedited the 'arrange the device for this, what he did in a few days'.

Machado clips overthrew the box touch two ministers in President Michel Temer exercise (PMDB). Senator Romero Juca (PMDB-RR) He was in the Ministry of Planning for 12 days. Another target of recordings, Fabiano Silveira, He spent less than two weeks on the chair holder of the Ministry of Transparency, Inspection and Control, folder created by Temer.

Did, as it is known Expedito, lives in Sao Paulo. He had directed the Fortress because of the search and seizure promoted by PF. In December, Sérgio Machado had not yet closed its winning tipoff agreement.

Expedito and Sergio Machado are very close. The youngest is the one who is interested in politics. The father and son was planning at some point Expedito be a candidate for federal deputy while Sergio Machado would run for governor.

Machado had contributed to the Ceará government 2002. expeditious, then with 18 years, participated actively campaign. The government of Ceará was the great dream of the former president of Transpetro.

In one of his statements to the Attorney General's Office, Sérgio Machado said he had "a very big trauma of the last governor election, because he could not compete for lack of resources'. Saw, So, in a bid to 'opportunity of this first installment create a reserve to ensure that it could later afford to return to play in 2010'.

The former president of Transpetro said he never had 'any contact with a foreign financial institution'. Between 2007 a 2013, Expedito 'received funds abroad' related activities the parent, also said in its award-winning tipoff. Did was in charge of updating Sérgio Machado on the balances of foreign receipts. Often went to Rio de Janeiro for this.

In one of his testimonials, former Transpetro reported that the payment of bribes did not occur due to measurements, but it was deducted from the profit of companies, 'Respecting the technical budget of Transpetro'. Sérgio Machado said he sought the values ​​in the selected companies as did the arrangements with politicians in Brasilia.

"I could not always fully meet the demands of political; who believes that reached about 60% success rate in meeting the politicians in the amounts they were asking; that the payment of bribes by companies allowed the witness to remain in office, in that it preserved the political support to pass on these advantages to political ", He told the Attorney General's Office in early May this year.

After one of his last statements, in the afternoon 6 of May, Sergio Machado was questioned by investigators wanted to add something more. The former president of Transpetro said 'the campaign finance scheme and embezzlement unraveled by Lava jet occurs since 1946 and this is a time to change this reality, this being one of the reasons we decided to collaborate '.

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