Son of Sérgio Machado have $ 26 million in five trusts

whistleblower Family Wash Jet will have to pay a fine of R $ 75 million to the government.
18/06/2016 12h22 - Updated 18/06/2016 12h22
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Of the R $ 75 million fine that the former president of Transpetro Sérgio Machado and his children will have to pay as part of the award-winning tipoff according, about R $ 7,9 million will come from a trust, company incorporated in tax haven. It appears in the goods list presented to court by Expedito Machado, son of Sergio Machado. His attitude is quite different from that adopted by the President of the House away, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), what, try to avoid the revocation of its mandate, insists is not the owner of trusts in Switzerland, but only beneficiary.

In addition to this trust, no amount of US $ 2,27 millions, maintained by UBS Deutschland AG Bank, Expedito listed at least four other. They are in the British Virgin Islands and total about 3,8 million pounds, or R $ 18,8 million in today's currency. Adding all trusts, Expedito said to be about R $ 26,7 million saved this way. The trust is a type of business in which third parties - financial institutions, for example - start to administer the estate of-Contracting.

The use of trusts is the main wedge argument to say that did not lie to Petrobras' CPI in March last year, when he denied having accounts abroad. When the story came to light that he had resources in Switzerland, Cunha maintained that he had told the truth, because it was not all, mas de trustes. And more: He claimed not to own the trust, but usufructuary. After, changed again to version: It would not be usufructuary, but beneficiary.

Expedito Machado, in turn, have no doubt in saying that the trusts of which the beneficiary is your. So that part of these funds will be used to pay fines. altogether, including trusts, accounts and other investments, Expedito reported maintain 14 million and 5 million pounds abroad, totaling approximately R $ 73 millions.

Fine of R $ 75 millions, most will be paid with Expedito resources. A smaller share - R $ 27,7 million - will be guaranteed by another son of former president of Transpetro: Sérgio Machado Firmness. The value comes from the shares held by him in an investment fund.

The documents filed by the family as part of the whistleblower agreement include statements Machado income tax and their three children. The richest of them is Sergio Machado Firmness, who claimed to have received R $ 48,4 million in taxable income last year and a net worth of R $ 139,7 millions. His father, Sérgio Machado, It is what has fewer goods. Outside the Transpetro, reported receiving R $ 102 thousand in taxable income and own equity of R $ 1 million.

in tipoff, Sérgio Machado said he brokered the payment of bribes to more than 20 politicians source Transpetro contracts.

Source: The globe

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