Winner of the Campaign Invoice Amazonense sought by Sefaz appears to receive award

Jamelson Vieira received the prize of R $ 5 thousand who won the last monthly draw of the campaign held on 9 of June.
28/06/2016 14h04 - Updated 28/06/2016 14h04
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The attendant Jamelson Martins Vieira, 39 years, resident of St. Augustine neighborhood attended the Department of Finance (Sefaz), on the morning of Monday, 27, to receive the prize of R $ 5 thousand who won the last monthly drawing Campaign Invoice Amazonense (NFA) made no dia 9 of June, in Tiradentes Network, during the program "Morning News".

"I learned that I was one of the randomly selected through the nearby, I saw my name in a story in the newspaper and told me. I intend to invest the award in settlement of debts and the purchase of a motorcycle ", explicou Jamelson.

The lucky is a conscious citizen. Takes part in the campaign from the beginning, in August 2015, requiring the invoice on all purchases, but do not have the habit of consulting the website of NFA, where they are stored the news about the progress of the campaign and not get into your personal account, housed within the site, where you can check the prizes and notes issued to the registered CPF.

Filling out the wrong data - if Jamelson, the phone number was not him or known, the email was someone else and the bank account was not informed during the cadastro-, It makes it impossible for the Secretariat to find the winners. Disclosure of matter in various media stating that over 3,5 thousand prizes were not delivered or are in the process of being lost has caught the attention of society to difficulty the Government faces the Amazon to make deposits.

"This kind of situation is because Manaus is no longer a village, a city of 200 thousand, where everyone knows everyone. The campaign was structured to develop electronically because the majority of the population have access to communication via internet. We can not afford to spend money on excessive calls to mobile phones in times of crisis. Coordination contacts only with the winners of the monthly and special awards, the others must access campaign site, at least twice a month to know whether they have won. The data must also be updated. The exchange number of mobile phones is very large between the Amazons, not allowing contact with many winners ", He recommended the campaign coordinator, Augusto Bernardo Cecilio.

accurate data
The coordinator also pointed out that the e-mail as well as the bank account should be informed of the campaign participant and not third, factors that have made impossible the communication and bank deposit.

The term is contemplated 90 days, from the date of the draw, to redeem the prize. If you do not, the money will return to Amazonas state coffers. Questions may be withdrawn by telephone 2121.1732 or 2121.1689, by email: [email protected] or in person in coordinating the campaign, that is installed in the room 113, 1Floor headquarters Sefaz, avenue André Araújo, No 150 - Aleixo neighborhood.

Check the bank statement must also be constant. Many winners have the amount credited to the account, but are pending with the bank do not realize the credit. The amount is deposited, normally, on the 10th business day after the draw with the nomination of "State of Amazonas".

Next draw will award up to R $ 50 one thousand
The Amazonas State Government, through the Department of Finance (Sefaz) promotes on 8 July, in the "Now" TV Time, the special draw of the campaign Invoice Amazonense. They will be drawn R $ 294 one thousand, R $ 210 thousand for citizens and R $ 84 thousand for entities that develop social actions.

Participate in this draw virtual tickets issued for invoices with CPF issued from January 1 to 30 June this year. Each coupon is equivalent to R $ 50 shopping. The presenters “Now”, Marcia Lasmar and Valter Frota, sortearão four prizes of R $ 10 one thousand, Three R $ 20 one thousand, two of R $ 30 thousand and R $ 50 one thousand. The entities compete for prizes part of 40% on the amount won by the citizen.

In 2016, the Sefaz adopted the completion of the live draws on local media outlets to allow a greater number of people to track and finds the smoothness of the process. Radio and television stations have given, for free, spaces on schedule, allowing the population know the live winners.

The strategy of itinerant draws the media has contributed to spreading the concept of fiscal citizenship, that the issuance of invoices ensures the collection of taxes, which are the source of funds for the maintenance of public administration and continued investments. The lifting of Sefaz, each R $ 1,00 invested by the government in the campaign results in an increase of R $ 7,00 in ICMS tax.

More of 203 thousand people signed up the CPF to participate in the campaign, which distributed almost 20 thousand awards. The Amazonas Government's initiative to step up their actions in fiscal citizenship through activities in Fiscal Education Center Schools and colleges, coordinated by Sefaz it has obtained positive results as significant reduction of depredation in educational units.

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