Gilmar Mendes authorizes reinvestigation opening to investigate Aetius and Eduardo Paes

The research is based on whistleblower testimonies award-winning former senator Amaral Delcídio.
07/06/2016 07h15 - Updated 7/06/2016 07h15
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Minister of the Supreme Court (STF) Gilmar Mendes authorized on Monday (6), reinvestigation opening to investigate Senator Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG). With the decision, It will also be investigated former deputy and current mayor of Rio de Janeiro Eduardo Paes (PMDB) and former governor of Minas Gerais Clésio Andrade (PSDB). They will be investigated at the request of the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot.

The research is based on one of whistleblower testimonies award-winning former senator Amaral Delcídio. According to former parliamentary, in 2005, during the work of the Joint Parliamentary Committee of Inquiries (CPMI) Post Office, set up to investigate allegations of criminal action No. 470, the process of the monthly allowance, Aécio Neves, then governor of Minas Gerais, "Sent emissaries” spreads secrecy breaks of people and companies investigated, which the Rural Bank.

according Delcídio, one of the emissaries was Eduardo Paes, then Secretary-General of the PSDB. As reported the former senator, the final report was approved with CPMI “made-up data” and Paes and Representative Carlos Sampaio (PSDB-SP) also they had knowledge of the facts.

“Other parliamentarians also knew that these data were doctored, can name the deputies Carlos Sampaio and Eduardo Paes, aforementioned, among others who do not remember. These events occurred in 2005/2006. This subject was treated with Aécio Neves in Belo Horizonte, the government palace ", says Senator tipoff excerpt.

Carlos Sampaio
Initially, the PGR requested the inclusion of Congressman Carlos Sampaio (PSDB-SP) in investigations, but the request was rejected by Gilmar Mendes. The minister understood that, even cited the testimony of Delcídio, to include it in the investigation is premature.

"Do Amaral Delcídio merely say that the parliamentary was aware of the omission of financial information. There is no narration of any active contribution of Carlos Sampaio for the facts. Nor is there an explanation of the reason why do Amaral Delcídio to believe that Carlos Sampaio actually had knowledge of the facts”, He argued the minister.

Other side
The request for an investigation was made by the Attorney General of the Republic on 4 of May. in a statement, Senator Aécio Neves said that never interfered in the investigations of CPMI. "Senator Aécio Neves renews its absolute conviction that the clarifications to be provided demonstrate definitively the dismissal and the absurdity of this quote more made his name by former Senator Delcídio. Senator never interfered or influenced the work of any CPI. Investigations will be free and prompt the best way for this to be once and for all clear. "

Through note, Clésio Andrade said it will not rule for not having knowledge of the decision. However, he said the denunciations seem to fulfill another mission: “serve as an instrument of political imbalance ".

Eduardo Paes said reaffirmed that is available to the Court to provide clarification. The mayor also said Aécio Neves never asked any benefit in post CPI investigations.

Aécio is the subject of a second investigation at the Supreme authorized by the Minister Gilmar Mendes. in research, Janot cites alleged crimes committed by the senator in Furnas, subsidiary of Eletrobras. The request also cites Delcídio statements do Amaral. Aécio received "illicit payments", Payments, according to him, the former director of Furnas Dimas Toledo.

On the investigation of Furnas, in a statement last week, Aécio Neves said he understands the role of the prosecutor in the investigation to continue, but is convinced that his innocence will be proven. "I have the absolute conviction that, at end, It will once again proven my innocence, as it has happened in the past, which led, inclusive, the filing of those charges ", said Senator.

Source: Agency Brazil

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