Gleisi back to the Senate and criticizes prison: 'Attempt to humiliate’

Husband of Senator, former Minister Paulo Bernardo, He was arrested on Thursday.
28/06/2016 16h12 - Updated 28/06/2016 16h12
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Senator Gleisi Hoffmann (PT-PR) He kept his promise and returned to the Senate, after the arrest of her husband, former Minister Paul Bernado, on Thursday, in Operation Cost Brazil, an offshoot of the 18th stage of Jet Wash.

Upon arrival, Gleisi won a bouquet of pink roses a group called Democracy.

- We will not lower his head - said Gleisi, to be surrounded by the group.

Courthouse Senate, Gleisi criticized the action at his residence on Thursday and defend her husband. Gleisi called the action “operation-show” and he said the action was aimed at “constrain”. She described the use of police force used by the Federal Police “surreal” and he said he was “serene and humble, but not humiliated”. The senator said, still, Paul Bernardo did not commit anything irregular, It did not benefit from any scheme. She repeated the argument that the arrest was to “humiliate” a former minister of government Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff and wear itself as defender of the president away. Gleisi said he will remain in the impeachment committee.

- The whole operation was surreal, even helicopters were used. Why this? show of force? Humiliation? Spending unnecessary public money, it is. It was a clear attempt to humiliate the former minister Lula and Dilma governments. It is also an attempt to emotionally shake the work of a growing group of senators and senators who disagree with the arguments that have been used to remove the legitimately elected president - said Gleisi.

- The siege by land and air and the lawsuit to get in our house had the clear intention of constraining. Not only me, but all residents (senators). (Was) A media spectacle - he said.

Gleisi said the action proves “selectivity” the acts of the Public Prosecutor and the “carnival media” operations. How did Senator Lindbergh Farias (PT-RJ) last Friday, she said that the federal judge Paul Bueno de Azevedo, that issued the Paul Bernardo's arrest warrant, it is oriented, in Ph.D., by jurist Janaina Conception Paschoal, one of the authors of the request for impeachment.

- Not in dreams thought I would be here, Courthouse, to defend my husband from prison. An unjust imprisonment, illegal, without facts, no evidence, without trial. Here I am serene and humble, but not humiliated. The arrest of Paul Bernado was preposterous, from start to finish. probation? Prevent what? He was always available to authorities, in known address. More than two years does not occupy any public office, He is retired from the Bank of Brazil after 38 years of contribution. I've known Paul for several years: I know its virtues and its defects. I know especially what not to do: and not use other people's money for their own benefit, not admit misuse of public resources for their satisfaction or family. I'm sure that did not participate and did not benefit from a scheme which are accusing. He knows I would not forgive him, that his mother would not forgive him - said Gleisi.

Source: The globe

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