Globe will display first sexual intercourse between two men in novel

The most appealing TV station's display scenes in the next day 12 July.
23/06/2016 11h57 - Updated 23/06/2016 12h00
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The Globe displays the next day 12 the first sex scene between two men in the history of Brazilian telenovela. The protagonists are the actors Ricardo Pereira and Caio Blat, who play, respectively, Tolentino and Andrew in Freedom Freedom, novel eleven. A dinner, already written by the author Mario Teixeira, It was released by the direction of the Globe. It will air on Tuesday, after 23h.

Several scenes of soap operas and series displayed by the station has generated controversy among Brazilian, since many of these scenes are displayed at a time that many children are still awake. Some consider the evolution of the scenes normal thing, but the station is widely criticized for being too liberal and appealing. For others it is the representation of progress by Topic, while for some it is the apparent lack of respect for the family and moral.

The sequence will not have explicit sex, but it will be very intense, to kiss on the mouth. The script asks “one dammed kiss, anxious, desperate, distressed”. Then, Tolentino “strip shirt. André swallows. Tolentino pushes to bed. André fall sitting. They get to have sex. An urgent sex, postponed, Gross and so longed for”, he wrote Teixeira.

The first sexual intercourse between two men will complete a cycle that began with the first gay kiss, in the soap opera Love of Life, in January 2014, and continued with sex between two women in the miniseries Happy Forever? (2015), starring Paolla Oliveira and Maria Fernanda Cândido.

Maria Immacolata Vassallo de Lopes, coordinator of the Telenovela Studies Center of the School of Communication and Arts of USP (University of Sao Paulo), says that homosexual sex Freedom, Freedom is a step forward in addressing the issue. “It is an unprecedented event. I see it as an achievement, recalling that last gay kiss was censored. Gloria Perez reported that he had written a kiss between two men in America (2005), that has been cut. The novels are moving forward on the issue. The plot of the time, the current social moment, is it appropriate”.

A specialist, accompanying the evolution of homo-affective relations in novels, said it was a milestone in the audience cheer the kiss between Felix (Matthew Solano) and Nico (Thiago Fragoso) at the end of Love to Life.

Freedom, Freedom will go beyond. The characters of Ricardo Pereira and Caio Blat will be plagued with the attraction and love they feel for each other in the plot, goes into 1808. Homosexuality was called sodomy and classified as lèse-majesté, whose punishment was death by hanging. The friendship between Colonel Tolentino and effeminate nobleman Andrew was growing gradually since the second week of May.

The two already staged some love scenes indicating that a kiss would happen, but there was always something to interrupt. Chapter of the day 12, once again, Tolentino tries to resist, but will take the initiative of sex after an intense kiss.

The author Mario Teixeira wrote strong events leading up to the time of delivery between the two. Tolentino will fail in a quest to fugitives arrested and will be humiliated by Rubião (Matthew Solano). Andrew did not allow it to depress and is extremely affectionate. Colonel recognize that the son of Raposo (Dalton Vigh) He is a special man in your life, generating a climate.

Fear and desire
The script given to actors mix fear of Tolentino to take your feelings with the desire for sex. Devastated at being humiliated by Rubião, he will come to his room complaining. André will comfort. “You, André. That is sensitive. Able to understand the mysteries of life. The turns that the world gives. The surprises that life holds”, tell or Colonel. “Even the surprises about ourselves?”, inquire the brother of Joaquina (Andreia Horta).

Tolentino, still shy, answer yes: “You even told me one day. We all have a second nature. What, sometimes, It remains hidden”, will tell. “But not forever”, had replied André, looking his friend in the eye. “No. Not forever”, will match or Colonel.

They will embrace and emerge a climate for a kiss, Tolentino only that will turn your face. But he will not stand, kiss and make sex with friend. After, the audience will see the colonel leaving bewildered, with the sun dawning, rushed to report to work, the quartermaster Vila Rica. André will come then, drinking coffee, aerial.

Next meeting them, Tolentino will reject friend, prefirirá pretend nothing happened. They will meet in Virginia brothel (Lilia Cabral), and the colonel will do anything to prove that like women, grabbing prostitute Gironde (Hanna Romanazzi) violently in front of friend and saying it will “take her life and make her his wife”.

Source: News TV UOL and Writing AM POST

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