Dilma government led companies to bankruptcy, says Temer

Businessmen waiting debureaucratisation ad, It has not occurred.
30/06/2016 18h15 - Updated 30/06/2016 18h15
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Interim President Michel Temer suggested about 500 businessmen at the Presidential Palace on Thursday that the government away from Rousseff led companies to bankruptcy. There was no bureaucracy ad, despite the expectation. Fear and ministers again highlight the good Planalto relationship with Congress and ensure fiscal responsibility.

In his inaugural speech in interim government, hours after Dilma be removed, Temer had asked the trust of the society to overcome the crisis, and quoted a sign "Do not talk about crisis, work "he had seen in a gas station on the highway Castello Branco. After speech, the press reported that the post had failed. This Thursday, he said that the current government would not happen.

- Went bankrupt because of the previous economic system. In the current system, not faliria - he attacked Temer.

Again without naming the PT, He criticized the "authoritarian" way of not dialogue with the legislature, and he emphasized that the interim government Congress approves matters quickly, which shows a relation "smooth", says.

- Num democratic state, the combination of the executive with the legislature is crucial. In an authoritarian state not. You centralizes all the executive power and despises the popular representation is in the legislature - said, and completed: - This means a very solid base, a very large integration, and this is what gives call governance.

Temer said Brazil is doing “back to reality”. Before speaking, he heard the Acting Minister of Planning, Dyogo Oliveira, temporize readjustments data on Wednesday the Judiciary servers and the beneficiaries of Bolsa Família.

Source: The globe

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