Government of Amazonas delivery vehicles for social assistance units six Amazonian municipalities

Os veículos vão ajudar no trabalho das equipes técnicas dos CRAS, CREAS e Conselhos Tutelares desses municípios.
17/06/2016 16h05 - Updated 17/06/2016 16h05
Photo: Press Release / Secom

In order to provide quality social services of Amazonian families, the Government of Amazonas, through the Social Promotion Fund (FPS), and Secretary of State for Social Assistance (Seas), He delivered on the morning of Friday, 17 of June, nine vehicles of the SPIN model 1.8, brand Chevrolet, for the municipalities of Parintins, Ipixuna, Fonte Boa, Envira, North watchtower and Beruri. The vehicles will assist in the work of the technical teams of the Social Assistance Reference Centers (MORROW), Specialized Reference Centers of Social Assistance (CREAS) and Guardianship Councils these municipalities.

The delivery was made at the headquarters Seas, Avenida Darcy Vargas, neighborhood Chapada, central-west, with the presence of the Honorary President of the FPS and First Lady of the State, Fabiana Gomes de Oliveira, and representatives of social assistance secretariats of cities covered with vehicles. The benefits are part of a public-private partnership between the government of Amazonas and the company Recofarma Industry of the Amazon, with investment of R $ 666 thousand reais. "With these vehicles, we will have a great improvement in the care provided by CRAS and the CREAS in municipalities. We are helping to strengthen public-political welfare ", said the honorary president of the FPS Fabiana Gomes de Oliveira.

The secretary of the Seas, Regina Fernandes, He pointed out that the Government has strengthened the actions of social assistance from the interior centers, with the delivery of equipment capable of providing dignity for families. "For this year, in addition to the delivery of these vehicles, we still have three parliamentary amendments to equip referral centers and specialized Social interior Assistance, computers, tables, air conditioners and other equipment. We are in the bidding process and, no second half, we will deliver these materials to these units inside ", secured.

For the secretary of social assistance from the municipality of Beruri (remote has 173 kilometers from Manaus), vanuza Verissimo, the vehicle will bring more quality in the execution of activities at the city population. "We work with many groups in our unit, and always we had the difficulty of bringing our services to many families because of the existing distances. But now we will improve and reach more families ", commented.

Parintins (located 369,63 kilometers from Manaus, in a straight line) has received 4 (four) vehicles, because the city has two CRAS and two CREAS. Other municipalities, each received a car.

alternative to partnership
Public-Private Partnerships are alternatives that the government of Amazonas has been working to meet the primary sectors in the State, before the economic crisis scenario. With the new support of the company's Amazon Industry Recofarma will be available around R $ 5 million reais for the reform of the three boats Emergency Department Itinerant, leading citizenship services for Amazonian families.

"These boats are stopped, this year, but will the reform that with the arrival of this budget, which will contribute to improving the structure of these boats that serve rural and indigenous communities in our state with health services, documentation, among others. We are in the budget negotiations so that next month this feature may be in our office, said the State Secretary of Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship (Sejusc), grace Prola.

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