Grazziotin gets crossed Lira response hearsay to make interruptions

In the first phase of the meeting the senator had done 13 interruptions to question or complain about procedures adopted by the Bureau.
08/06/2016 17h36 - Updated 8/06/2016 18h28
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The suing the Impeachment Committee started on Wednesday(8) the hearing of the first witness of the case against President Rousseff away, the Public Prosecutor with the Federal Audit Court, Julio Marcelo de Oliveira. The meeting began in the late morning, but the Senators lost over three hours discussing and voting procedures and requirements of order, among them Vanessa Grazziotin (PCdoB-AM) which he received a response crossed the president's special impeachment committee, Raimundo Lira, because of its various interruptions.

Early in the second part of the meeting, intended for the hearing of two witnesses for the prosecution and four witnesses required by other senators, Senator Vanessa Grazziotin presented point of order requesting that each senator was entitled to 10 minutes to question witnesses.

Or order, However, was denied by the President of the Commission maintained that the proposal already agreed upon in advance between the members that each senator will have three minutes to question witnesses.

The first phase of the meeting, between late morning and early this afternoon, It was marked by some moments of tension, especially with regard to the constant intervention Senate together with the distal President. After about two hours of deliberations on procedures, Senator Vanessa Grazziotin had done 13 interruptions to question or complain about procedures adopted by the Bureau.

"If the Plenary of this Commission is to elect your excellency President, to conduct the work I will give this chair with pleasure, to be able to go take care of my family ", said Lira. Vanessa, So, He replied that "if he had the number" preside over the commission.

Senator Magno Malta also urged senators to support the president away intervissem less, but he reminded colleagues that you must have patience during the work. "They are not wrong. The rite is this. We, we exaltarmos, we make mistakes. So, We will not miss, folks. Chamomile tea for everyone, and on the day we will vote, because that there will not change anyone here”, he said Malta.

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