Henrique Eduardo Alves is the third minister to resign Temer

Alves resigned late Thursday, 16.
17/06/2016 07h17 - Updated 17/06/2016 07h17
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After being quoted in the winning tipoff the former president of Transpetro, Sérgio Machado, Minister of Tourism, Henrique Eduardo Alves, asked yesterday (16) dismissal from office. The information was confirmed by the Presidency Press Office of the Republic.

Former president Henrique Alves House would have received, according to Machado, R$ 1,55 million in political donations with illicit funds.

He is the third minister, after little more than a month of the interim government of Michel Temer, to fall after complaints related to Operation Lava Jato. Romero Juca, who was Minister of Planning, and Fabiano Silveira, Transparency, Inspection and Control, They left the office after disclosure of whistleblower excerpts of Machado, audio, they criticized the operation.

Alves sent a letter with the resignation to Fear, but, until late afternoon, the content was not disclosed. Last night (15), the minister was at the Presidential Palace met with the interim president.

The confidentiality of statements by Sergio Machado to task force Operation Lava jet was withdrawn by the Minister of the Supreme Court Federall (STF) Teori Zavascki, Rapporteur of the transaction inquiries in court. Machado quoted the interim president Michel Temer and over 20 politicians, including the President of the Senate, Renan Calheiros, the Aécio Neves senators (PSDB-MG) and Romero Juca (PMDB-RR), besides the former deputy Cândido Vaccarezza (PT) and former president José Sarney (Pdmb-you). Politicians denied the charges.

The press office of the Ministry of Tourism published the full letter with Alves resignation request in early yesterday evening. See full:

Brasilia, 16 June 2016.

Mr. President Michel Temer,

The national moment requires personal attitudes towards the greater good. Oh PMDB, my party there 46 years, It was called to take Brazil in a deep crisis. I do not want to create discomfort or difficulty for the government, in his own words, national salvation. Like this, with this letter I give the honorable position of Minister of Tourism.

I'm sure all lessons involving my name will be cleared. Trust in our institutions and in our democratic state. That is why, I will dedicate myself to face the charges with serenity and transparency in appropriate instances.

I thought a lot before taking this difficult decision, because I believe that tourism has the best conditions to help Brazil to face the difficult time living. This was the motivation that led me to return to the control of the Ministry after having left it for a political issue, partisan consistency.

I believe I have honored the challenges of the sector in little over a year I was in the Ministry of Tourism. We recorded important achievements such as the visa waiver for strategic countries during the Olympics and Paralimpíada, reduction of income tax for international tourism and the implementation of tourist infrastructure projects in all regions, to name a few.

President Michel, I appreciate your loyalty always, friendship and commitment to a long political life and party, knowing that we will always be together in this democratic trench in search of a better nation. Yours, mine, continue our struggle. For my Rio Grande Norte and our Brazil.


Henrique Eduardo Alves

Source: Agency Brazil

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