heritage PT: Federal Police identify terrorist living in Santa Catarina

He kept a daily routine time training for ranged attack, after having traveled to the Islamic State.
14/06/2016 13h27 - Updated 14/06/2016 13h29
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Federal Police charged three crimes a resident of Chapecó, Santa Catarina, suspected of planning a terrorist attack in Brazil after living in a city controlled by Islamic State, in Syria. This is the first time that the PF identifies a person who left Brazil, He went to Syria and returned to the country to plan suspicious actions. The unique material is Philippe Coutinho, in Epoca magazine.

This is not the first case of an identified terrorist living in Brazil under the auspices of former government petista. Professor of UFRJ, Adlene Hicheur, He was convicted of terrorism in France. What did not prevent the Itamaraty PT grant him permanent residence in the country. Hicheur had his conviction for terrorist acts in the Maghreb and direct links to al-Qaeda.

The terror suspect arrested in Chapecó is Ibrahim Chaiboun Darwiche, a restaurant owner in town. The PF discovered that he produced a video defending the Islamic State of attacks in the newspaper Charlie Hebdo, em Paris. He was indicted for incitement to murder, religious prejudice and national security law. added, penalties can reach ten years. Ibrahim's situation could be even more severe if the law that criminalizes terrorism already in force. In this case, the penalty could double.

Published on the Internet, this video was the starting point for an investigation of the core combat terrorism of the Federal Police. The researchers found that Ibrahim was preparing for an attack in Brazil, with a training routine at dawn.

Na casa de Ibrahim, PF discovered a handwritten note with the schedules of each activity: “1h a 2h: shooting practice study (sniper); 2h a 3h: Quran reading; 3h a 5h: Islam disclosure; 5h a 5h30: prayer; 7h a 8h: physical activity". Ibrahim still had drawings with different points of shot in the spine of a target.

The PF also found that Ibrahim had spent 87 days in the city Dar Ta Izzah, controlled by the Islamic State, between January and April 2013. The PF suspects that he was guided by the Islamic State. "It is plausible and highly likely that Ibrahim has had contact with extremist jihadists of the Islamic State and received religious indoctrination and military training", says PF. As it was registered by the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, Ibrahim's situation was considered "different" by the Federal Court of Santa Catarina, that is why, PF or monitors 24 hours per day, with anklet until the end of the Olympics.

Wanted, Ibrahim hung up the phone after the report have been identified. At PF, he denied authorship of the video and said he was not in a controlled area by the Islamic State.

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