Man tries to rob delegate in Manaus and is arrested: 'I was lucky’

Crime happened early on Monday (20), In Manaus. He said he committed the crime to try to pay house rent.
21/06/2016 14h27 - Updated 21/06/2016 14h27
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A man of 28 years was arrested early on Monday (20) after attempted robbery to a delegated Civil Police. Tarssizo Leitão Cavalcante approached the police authority with a fake gun and was arrested at the scene on public roads in the neighborhood Our Lady of Grace, in South-Central Zone of Manaus. He said he committed the crime to try to pay the rent of the house where you live.

The crime happened around 6.45am on Wednesday (20). “I was in my house, I was going out with the car, inside the garage and he appeared holding, supposedly, gun on my waist and said 'passes the phone, give me the cellphone'. I was with the badge and the gun, so I turned to him not paying attention that I was with the distinctive, I was a cop”, said the assistant chief of the Enforcement Division of Organized Crime (DRCO), William Torres.

According to police, Tarssizo picked up the phone and got into a taxi that was driving. Or delegate, So, He approached the suspect.

“I said 'lies, lies down', he did mention that would draw the weapon, so I said 'loose gun and lay on the floor'. I did not know if anyone was inside the vehicle, so I gave a magazine in the vehicle,and I found that there was no one”, Torres told.

During the magazine in man, the officer found a fake gun. “I played, thinking it was a gun and it broke”, he said.

The man has been dominated by the delegate until the arrival of police cars. Torres also said that the suspect had to hold that there was popular aggression.

with Tarzisso, They found other phones collected in previous rounds. “He gave no luck, He was arrested at the scene for five crimes of theft and will download to the penitentiary”, said the delegate.

During the press conference, Tarssizo said it carried out the robberies to try to pay the rent of the house where you live. “The deadline to pay was today”, said. at the police station, The man introduced himself as a taxi driver.

Second or delegate, the man has no passage by police, but it has records of police reports by threat and domestic violence. Ele será encaminhado a Cadeia Pública Raimundo Vidal Pessoa.

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