Men invade and assail school students and teachers in Manaus

Crime occurred in teaching unit in New Town. Victims had belongings, as cell, stolen by criminals.
23/06/2016 17h04 - Updated 23/06/2016 17h04
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Two men, one armed, They invaded and attacked the State School Sebastião Norões, located in the New Town neighborhood, North Zone of Manaus. Crime on Wednesday (22), at the time when students returned to the classroom after recess period.

According to the Military Police, criminals entered the teaching unit skipping school wall. They went to one of the classrooms, rederam victims and stole mobile phones of students.

After the crime, they fled on a motorcycle plate and model unidentified.

At the time the crime, 500 8th and 9th grade students, beyond high school, They were in the unit.
One of the students victim of burglars has 16 years. She and other students registered police report on the case.

The surveillance cameras recorded the action of criminals and should help police identify suspects.

Police reported that, after being notified of the crime, He sent teams to the scene and requested support from other garrisons to perform searches by burglars, however, until the morning of Thursday (23), none of them had been identified.

The State Department of Education (Seduc) informed that, during the approach, the miscreants took two cell phones. According to school board, there was no record of physical aggression during the action.
The advisory also reported that the school board immediately commanded the 15th Company Interactive Community (IDPF) who attended the site.

The advisory said the school has concierge agent and the unit is monitored by security cameras, whose images will be made available to police for elucidation of the facts.
As advice, Company Community Interactive arrange rounds to meet more effectively the school mediations and added that concertinas are being provided to the fullest extent of the teaching unit walls.

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