Impeachment: defense and prosecution indicate technical names to track expertise

Experts will answer what the tax situation between 27 July and 20 August 2015.
16/06/2016 13h16 - Updated 16/06/2016 13h16
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Prosecution and defense indicated the technical names chosen to accompany the expertise in the documents supporting the request for impeachment of President Rousseff away. The technical assistant Selene Peres was nominated by the prosecution, while the expert appointed by the defense has yet to be named.

Last night (15), Dilma asked the replacement of Diego Alves Prandino Senate technical advisor in charge of coordinating expertise in acts that support the charge against him.

“[Diego Prandino] have strong ideological and political engagement against Mrs.. President, his party and social movements considered 'left' ", says the petition forwarded by the defense Dilma to the President of the Special Committee on Impeachment, Raimundo Lira (PMDB-RJ).

as proof, publications were attached made by Prandino in social networks. Posts have been deleted on the day after his appointment to coordinate the expertise, in accordance with the request.

The commission denied the request for withdrawal, but Lira said he expects new manifestation of Prandino about his suspicion, before revealed facts.

The rapporteur of Dilma Rousseff impeachment proceedings in the Senate, Antonio Anastasia (PSDB-MG), presented, last night, the questions to be answered by technicians of the House responsible for the expertise of the documents.

The expertise in the four additional credit decrees and documents that indicate credit operation with public banks in the Harvest Plan was authorized by the president of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) Ricardo Lewandowski, after defense appeal.

Before, the application of expertise was denied by the Special Committee on Impeachment, on the grounds that the work would be unnecessary, in view of the redundancy of such an analysis in relation to the work done by the Federal Audit Court (TCU) in the process in which judges account 2015 Dilma Rousseff.

Experts will answer what the tax situation between 27 July and 20 August 2015, when the additional credits were issued, regarding compliance with the fiscal target approved by Congress in January last year; if the decrees were compatible with the target adopted in January; that, according to the budget law, issued decrees could have neutral effect on the budget, as the defense claims.

Today, the committee will hear five defense witnesses: Luiz Claudio Costa, former executive secretary of the Ministry of Education; Wagner Vilas Boas, Deputy former executive secretary of the Ministry of Education; Iara Ferreira Pinheiro, Undersecretary of Planning and Budget of the Ministry of Education; Felipe Neto Daurich, director of the Department of Social Programs of the Federal Budget Secretariat; Clayton Luiz Montes, director of the Department of Economic Programs of the Secretariat of the Federal Budget.

In addition to these, remains hear other 30 the defense witnesses enrolled.

Source: Agency Brazil

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