Impeachment: Temer and Rousseff dispute 15 Senate no decisive votes

away President Group offers the plebiscite parliamentarians on new elections; and interim government, charges.
20/06/2016 14h23 - Updated 21/06/2016 07h52
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Or interim president, Michel Temer, and removed President, Dilma Rousseff, They began to focus on a group of 15 Senators to try to secure the votes necessary for a favorable outcome to one side or the other in the final vote on the impeachment process, scheduled for August. The core Dilma, second PT members with access to the discussions in Alvorada, She started to address these parliamentarians in the expectation that at least five votes are reversed. A counteroffensive of Temer, several of these parliamentarians have been with him in the Planalto.

Members of the group whose votes are played by the two sides said "yes" to the admissibility of impeachment or were absent from the session that resulted in Rousseff's departure. The PT had only 22 votes in his favor and, the decisive judgment, You need at least 28 votes or absences. The temporary removal of Dilma had 55 votes, one more than the 54 necessary to remove it permanently from office.

No pen to signal with jobs and benefits, PT members offer the realization of referendum for new elections as an alternative to crisis. But the interim government has noting dozens of positions requests. Senator José Hélio (PMDB-DF), known in Brasilia as Hélio Gambiarra, He asked Temer 34 charges, including BB presidencies DTVM, Post Office, FNDE and Itaipu. The senator also wants to be the government leader in Congress and report on the provisional measures on infrastructure. in Plateau, the claims of Gambiarra caused irritation. He was not found at GLOBE.

- If Helium stand against impeachment, he died the next day in the PMDB - said one party official.

Been with Temer in recent weeks Romario senators (PSB-RJ), Cristovam Buarque (PPS-DF), Eduardo Amorim (PSDC-SE), Benedito de Lira (PP-AL), Acir Gurgacz (PDT-RO) and Jader Barbalho (PMDB-PA). Cristovam has also met with Rousseff and became heavily charged by leftist movements have voted in favor of the removal of the PT.

O Group Two 15 It has yet Fernando Collor (PTC-AL), Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), Pedro Chaves (PSC-MS), Roberto Rocha (PSB-MA), Vicentinho Alves (PR-TO), Wellington Fagundes (PR-MT), Wilder Moraes (PP-GO) and Marcelo Crivella (PRB-RJ) - That will license to play in the city of Rio, but controls the vote of alternate, Eduardo Lopes (PRB).

With the advancement of the process, some positions were lighter. PT members have given up Romario, you should vote for impeachment. Eduardo Amorim, Vicentinho and Wilder Moraes began to declare vote pro-deposition.

Amorim said he saw no reason to review its position:

- One person talked to me (Dilma's group), but nothing can change my vote.

Senators confirm approaches on both sides. pelo PMDB, who commands the negotiations are Senator Romero Juca (PMDB-RR) and Geddel Vieira Lima (Government Secretariat). Dilma has four senators: Roberto Requiao (PMDB-PR), Katia Abreu (PMDB-TO), Jorge Viana (PT-AC) and Paulo Rocha (PT-PA).

- Both sides have sought me. I am still analyzing and do not want to rush me - says Pedro Chaves (PSC-MS).

Last week, GLOBE contacted all senators or their advisors to know the position of parliamentarians on the impeachment of Rousseff. of 81 senators, 55 They have already decided to vote: 37 They are favorable and 18, against the impediment of the president away. the other 26 follow undecided or did not answer. The PSDB leads the pro-impeachment group, having only one vote to be announced, the rapporteur Antonio Anastasia (MG). On the other side, PT leads the group of those who defend Dilma's mandate. Among the undecided, nine are the PMDB, party do interim president, Michel Temer.

Source: The globe

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