selective research: Cervero is interrupted to report FHC

Informant denounced on Braskem, it would “one of the biggest scandals created at the time of Fernando Henrique”, when it was interrupted.
13/06/2016 22h44 - Updated 13/06/2016 22h44
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Another chapter of the whistleblower's former director Nestor Cervero Petrobras shows that complaints against governments toucans, as former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso (PSDB), They are not of interest Operation Lava Jato.

Video released by Fausto Macedo blog, the "Estadão, this week, It shows that the denunciation of Cerveró against FHC "does not matter". The former director of Petrobras starts talking toucan government scandals, but it is quickly interrupted.

"Braskem is one of the biggest scandals created at the time of Fernando Henrique ... and it was not Lula who invented ... These things are not investigated, That's why I'm impressed ", Cervero said.

Braskem was the main Brazilian petrochemical company established in 2002. The company was created by a partnership between Odebrecht and Petrobras.

"Braskem is a scandal, made with Odebrecht ", He continued the director, to be interrupted by the questioner.

When it stopped abruptly, Cerveró, So, says: "See? These things do they call attention ". He was referring to bias research, that is selective and has no interest in scandals that have happened before the former government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

other scandals

Elsewhere in the whistleblower, Cervero said company linked to the son of former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso has benefited from state contract, by direction of the president of Petrobras during the government of toucan.

The case would have occurred between 1999 e 2000. Cervero said he came to deal with the lobbyist Fernando Soares, known as Fernando Baiano, about hiring the Spanish company Union Fenosa in a TermoRio project, thermal power plant operated by state.

Besides that, second Cerveró, the sale of the oil company Perez Companc result in kickback of US $ 100 toucan million to government FHC.

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