Jair Bolsonaro shoots popularity after becoming STF defendant

The #SomosTodosBolsonaro hashtag was on world trends tops Twitter and among one of the most talked about topics on Facebook.
26/06/2016 13h20 - Updated 27/06/2016 10h41
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After suffering with the absurd and contrary attitude to a duly fundamentamento constitutional presumption in Article 53 CF, Jair Bolsonaro gained much support throughout Brazil.

Thousands of people: Anonymous, politicians, artists, bloggers, famous journalists and youtubers are devoting videos and publications to show anger at the Supreme Court for having decided to go over the immunity and take the third of the Rosary to be prayed the Supreme in a time of chaotic political crisis experienced in the country.

On Wednesday, 22, the hashtag #SomosTodosBolsonaro was on world trends tops Twitter and became one of the most talked about topics Facebook. The pages and support groups deputy considerably increased the number of followers and the official accounts of Jair amounted to thousands of new Tanned. Currently Bolsonaro is the Member who has more followers on Facebook in Brazil,, surpassing the mark of three million. Nor Dilma or Lula managed this popularity on networks.

On thursday, 23, a new twitaço takes account of social networking and events in support of the deputy have been scheduled across the country, which will take place on three different dates of July. Some groups must make a show of symbolic support for Jair next Sunday.

Karl Eller, Lilo, Ana Paula Palagar, Rick Rocker, Dilnei Young, Joice Hasselmann and dozens of people who own popularity, is in the news media or on the internet channels, recorded videos to repudiate the Supreme Court decision and raise the flag Us All Bolsonaro.

Since the left, could not enter the name of Bolsonaro in any corruption list, managed arbitrarily he turned defendant for a crime he did not commit. After all, say that not rape a woman because she does not deserve is worthy of a process, then say that rape someone because that person deserves to be subject to what? Starlet good boy?

It is necessary to support all Bolsonaro says to see that once again the laws are being destroyed by those who were to maintain the same in order to to be fulfilled. Bolsonaro should be acquitted at his trial, but if not, thought, It will not be the deputy who will lose, but Brazil, because they are able to do this with someone who committed a crime, imagine what it will not do the people.

Dilma fell, Lula is being supported shamefully so did not fall, but that 'group’ always remains in power and still rule the country, even though many people believe otherwise. If they are doing it against Bolsoanro, also try against Temer, against the children of Jair Bolsonaro, who are principled political and praised for its excellent behavior, and against any parliamentarian, independent party, since it appears in the middle of the road.

The Supreme Court's decision serves as a warning, not for Bolsonaro followers, but for all Brazilians who settled after the approval of Rousseff's departure, thinking that the war was won, while the old government continues moving 'your chopsticks’ to gain time, shift focus and reverse the impeachment still not consummated and the PT and the Brazilian left not peacefully accept.

Source: br.blastingnews.com

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