Janot claims to have evidence to charge Cunha accounts in Switzerland

“It is supported by documents and this was a transfer process of the Justice Switzerland to the Brazilian Justice”, said Janot.
22/06/2016 16h02 - Updated 22/06/2016 16h02
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The Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, He said on Wednesday that there is documentary evidence of the existence of accounts in the name of the President of the House away, suspended Deputy Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), whose funds deposited are related to undue advantage.

O Supreme Federal Court (STF) analyzes on Wednesday the second complaint against the suspended deputy, which can again become a defendant in criminal proceedings if the majority of the Supreme ministers abide by the complaint lodged by the Attorney General's Office (PGR).

“It is supported by documents and this was a transfer process of the Swiss Justice to the Justice Department”, said the attorney general to the full Supreme.

“The accounts are held by the accused and the origin of funds… It is absolutely spurious”, he added.

The complaint under review in the Supreme Court on Wednesday builds on documents prosecutors of Brazil and Switzerland that link bank accounts on behalf of Cunha and family abroad. Parliamentary denies irregularities.

Offered in March by the Attorney General under the investigation of the operation Lava Jato, the part accuses the parliamentary keep accounts in Switzerland with funds obtained through bribery. According to the complaint the PGR, Cunha would “feasible” the acquisition of an oil field in Benin by Petrobras.

The MP is accused of accepting bribes, money laundry, tax evasion and information omission in election document. Cunha is already a defendant in criminal proceedings in the Supreme Court caused by the operation Lava Jato, investigating a billionaire scheme of corruption that mainly involves Petrobras, contractors, political parties and.

It is also the subject of an arrest request made by Janot, pending STF analysis.

from the stands, Cunha lawyer, Fernanda Tórtima, He claimed that there is no solid evidence that the accused has requested bribes.

He also argues that Cunha should not be penalized for maintaining undeclared Swiss bank account, since the practice is not considered a crime in the country.

The defense Cunha also argued that the money was invested in trusts abroad, whose statement remains devoid of Central Bank regulations.

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