'Japanese Federal' known in Operation Lava Jet is arrested by the Federal Police in Curitiba

No information about the reasons for arrest Ishii.
08/06/2016 10h28 - Updated 8/06/2016 10h28
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O agente Newton Ishii, Federal Police, He was arrested on Tuesday, 7, in Curitiba. Was fulfilled warrant issued by the 4th Federal Court of Foz do Iguaçu.

Newton Ishii became known as "Japanese federal" escorting arrested and investigated Operation Lava Jato. Currently the post of deputy head of Special Operations of the Federal Police in Curitiba, it gets crowded in the PF headquarters in Curitiba and was working yesterday when it was notified of the decision and spontaneously delivered.

Unlike the prisoners of Lava Jato he helped lead to the PF in Curitiba along 30 phases of the flagship operation to combat corruption, Ishii is in a separate room at the headquarters of the Federal Police and not in lockup.

No information about the reasons for arrest Ishii, who was convicted in 2009 by the Federal Court in Parana for corruption and embezzlement, to facilitate the entry into Brazil of contraband from Paraguay. The conviction was upheld by the Supreme Court in March this year, but according to defense Ishii his sentence in this case involves the payment of basic food baskets.

The agent was one of 23 federal police targets of Operation Anaconda, erupted in 2003 to establish a scheme formed by agents of the PF and the Internal Revenue Service which facilitated the smuggling of illegal goods on the border with Paraguay in Foz do Iguaçu (PR).

Ishii answers three processes, derived from Operation Anaconda, one in the criminal sphere, other administrative and a third for improper conduct.

Figure always present in prisons Operation Lava Jato, Newton Ishii won carnival marchinha, Olina puppet and mask.

The report came in contact with the lawyer Newton Ishii, that was not in the office. The space is open for demonstration.

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