Jobson player is arrested on suspicion of raping teenagers in Pará

Former striker Botafogo is suspected of raping four teenagers in Conceição do Araguaia.
23/06/2016 15h17 - Updated 23/06/2016 15h17
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The Civil Police met on Thursday (23) the preventive arrest warrant decreed by the Court of Conceição do Araguaia, in southeast Pará, against the player Jobson. The former player of Botafogo is suspected of raping four teenagers residing in the city. He was arrested by the police team in his farm, located in Couto Magalhães City, West Tocantins.

Jobson is also suspected of a fifth case of rape, which is still being investigated by police. When arrested, the athlete offered no resistance and was taken in a police car to the station Conceição do Araguaia, initially, to give evidence. Then, It will be presented to the judge responsible for the arrest warrant.

According to a statement issued by the press office of Para Civil Police, the police investigation was opened a week ago, after one of the victims, a girl from 13 years, He reported that their photos in pornographic situations were circulating in social networking groups. Also according to the victim, the player would have enticed the smallest in Conceição do Araguaia to take her to his farm, Tocantins, along with three other teenagers. Over there, the victims were drunk and numb to, then, being sexually abused.

Also according to the complaints, one of the smallest came to call the player, saying he would report it, it's him, then, I would have made threats to girl.

“He aliciava the girls to parties with drink and drugs and took them to his farm or elsewhere. Four teenagers, one will complete 13 years, other Have 13 full years and the other two have 14 full years”, said the delegate Rodrigo da Motta, in Civil Police note.

The victims underwent investigation and medical care. In the two smaller 12 e 13 years it was found that there was sexual intercourse. The other two teenagers claimed, in testimony, consenting sex, However, They said they were under influence of alcohol and narcotic substances placed in the drink.

Aware of the incident, the player's family was shaken by the news and forwards this time to the police station where Jobson is arrested. His mother seeks a local lawyer to defend him.

The Jobson lawyer in Rio de Janeiro, Rodolpho Caesar, He said he was leaving an audience, He was surprised by the news and stressed that only takes care of the sporting part of the striker's career.

Jobson is suspended by FIFA to conduct any activity related to football 31 March 2018. He was accused by the club Al Ittihad, Saudi Arabia, refusing to take anti-doping. Later, FIFA has worldwide license to shame, from start, It was imposed by the Saudi Football Federation. The suspension took place in April last year. In March, the athlete had his appeal rejected by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CASE, its acronym in English).

Also in March, the attacker was banned from acting in amateur competitions in his hometown. According to Everaldo Lisboa, president of the League of Conceição do Araguaia Sports (LECA), Jobson would defend the local Cub League, but the Combatant team also presented their registration, which caused confusion and preventing him acting in the championship.

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