Jose Melo participates in a meeting in Brasilia to discuss debt of states

The Amazon appears in the penultimate place in the ranking of the most indebted states federation.
20/06/2016 18h23 - Updated 20/06/2016 18h23
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With the debt capacity that reaches R $ 22 billion, Amazon appears in the penultimate place in the ranking of the most indebted states federation. The Amazonian debt is around R $ 6,9 billion. The position is very favorable given the current economic scenario, which requires most states to negotiate the debt by stretching 20 years and grace 100% of installments for two years. For the governor of Amazonas, Jose Melo, the states with lower indebtedness also need a counterpart face the crisis, passing in credits for working capital and investments in strategic sectors of the economy.

"Besides participating in the negotiation, our government, which has the highest debt capacity, You need resources to keep the cost of the machine and also invest in the primary sector through the new Environmental Economic Matrix. It's money for fish farming, horticulture and improvement of roads and extensions. In this way, We will overcome a very delicate moment of the economy planning an alternative that will reassure us there in front ", said the governor.

Although not one of the most benefit states with debt negotiation with the Union, Amazon does not fail to gain understanding if avance. According to the secretary of the Secretariat of the Amazon Farm (Sefaz-AM), Afonso Lobo, the savings could reach $ 50 million in 12 months. The practical effect of a possible negotiation is based on the Law 9496 from 1997. It enables the Union to take all the debts of the states with financial institutions. The debt of the Amazon arising from the Law 9496/97 It is of R $ 560 millions. "We pay monthly something around R $ 5 million with respect to the law (9496/97). So, we would have a stretch in the debt arising from that law and the consequent reduction in installments. This is unattractive to the Amazon. The proposal made to us is guided in loans within the fiscal space limit we have, but this is still not enough ", says Secretary.

If the mechanism were approved, Amazon would have a reduction of 100% of the debt relating to the Law 9496/97 in July and in August and September the reduction would 90%. The progression would be equal, every two months until, the discharge.

The meeting of the Permanent Forum of Governors was held on the morning of Monday, 20, the official residence of the Federal District government. Fourteen of state executive heads attended the meeting.

The governor fulfilled a number of commitments in Brasília. In the focus of the work are important meetings with Caixa Economica Federal, Bank of Brazil and Ministry of Finance. Jose Melo also met with the interim president, Michel Temer, opportunity that should reinforce the need for resources for the Amazon.

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