Judge keeps imprisonment of Paul Bernardo and others investigated in Brazil Cost

The ten prisoners who are in São Paulo will remain held at the Superintendency of the Federal Police.
27/06/2016 16h37 - Updated 27/06/2016 16h37
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It ended around 15h30 to William lawyer custody hearing Salles Gonçalves, who was arrested in Operation Cost Brazil. Gonçalves, I was in Portugal and arrived yesterday (26) to Brazil, It was heard in the afternoon (27) by Federal Judge Paul Bueno de Azevedo, the 6th Federal Criminal Court, in Sao Paulo. The hearing started at around 14h30.

Gonçalves and former PT treasurer Paulo Ferreira, who gave the last Friday (24), were the ones who had not been arrested during Operation Cost Brazil on Thursday (23), when it was triggered action, that clears one funding diversion scheme in payroll credit management system at the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management.

Nine arrested in the operation had already been heard by the judge on Friday (24), Also in custody hearings: former planning minister Paulo Bernardo, former PT treasurer Paulo Ferreira, Joaquim José Maranhão the House, Daisson Silva Portanova, Dércio Guedes de Souza, Emanuel Nascimento Dantas, Nelson Luiz Oliveira Freitas, Washington Luis Viana and Valter Correia da Costa, former Secretary of Management of Municipal São Paulo. But the former PT treasurer João Vaccari Neto, who also had an arrest warrant issued in operation, I was already in custody in Curitiba.

After Gonçalves custody hearing, the last to be heard on Monday, the judge decided to keep all prisoners who were detained in the operation.

"The ruling of the 6th Criminal Court was that the reasons for custody remain.” This means that all investigated who were arrested during Operation Cost Brazil remain in prison, said the prosecutor Rodrigo de Grandis Republic.

According to the prosecutor, the ten prisoners who are in São Paulo will remain held at the Superintendency of the Federal Police in Lapa, area west of the capital, which should be heard by the end of this week.

De Grandis added that the prosecution has "various elements" to accuse investigated. "Not only winning collaborations, but documentary evidence, technical and emails evidence ", he said.

Other side
In the exit, Gonçalves lawyer, Rodrigo Sanchez Rios, He said his client has always acted transparently and today he told the judge "about the origin of the contract and the work he provided to the Consist for five years". Consist is the company identified as responsible for managing the payroll loans scheme set up in the Ministry of Planning

"At no time, the expertise to present, there is a withdrawal of money bulky office aimed at any public servant ", said attorney reporters.

According to the lawyer, Gonçalves is being accused of being a lobbyist or instrument former Planning Minister Paulo Bernardo. "This is tarnish the image of a professional who has years of experience in the area of ​​electoral law and administrative, a lawyer recognized in Curitiba and throughout Brazil ", Rios said Sanchez.

The lawyer admitted his client provided services to Consist. Sanchez Rios said tomorrow (28) must submit to the court a request for release Gonçalves, delivering the magistrate contracts made between the law firm and Consist. "The defense insists that [the prison] It is disproportionate and unnecessary. There are no data to prove that, possibly, this amount received by a lawyer has been transferred to a public servant. "

To be heard in another process, the rancher José Carlos Bumlai was also this afternoon at the headquarters of the Federal Court in São Paulo. Bumlai participated in a confrontation with former PT treasurer Delubio Soares in the process of Operation Lava Jato. Bumlai participated in the confrontation by videoconference from São Paulo and Delúbio, in Curitiba, in Federal Court. The rancher left the headquarters of the Federal Court at around 15h30, accompanied by lawyers, without speaking to the press. The journalists, lawyers said they are prevented, by order of court, to talk about the process.

Source: Agency Brazil

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