RS judge drops restriction of the use of FAB airplanes for Dilma

Government says it will comply with the decision at least until you know the whole content.
23/06/2016 22h54 - Updated 23/06/2016 22h54
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The Federal Court in Rio Grande do Sul authorized the away President Dilma Rousseff to use aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) off the path between Porto Alegre and Brasilia. In a decision published on the afternoon of Thursday (23), Judge Daniela Cristina de Oliveira Pertile, the 6th Federal Court of Porto Alegre, welcomed Dilma action asking the illegality of an opinion of the Civil House that forbade, Among other things, the use of assigned aircraft by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) if it was up to the capital gaucho, where you live.

The magistrate agreed with the right to Dilma shift to Porto Alegre and local deems necessary for its defense in the impeachment process, highlighting the need for personal safety, which would prevent the use of commercial aircraft. However, determined that removed President make the reimbursement of expenses on travel, as Article 76 you have no 9.504/97.

The action also asked that there be no restrictions on the use of official residences, and that did not occur change the nomenclature of the name of the staff of the president office. Besides that, asked not occur reduction of its staff.
“To provide for the use of official residence, air transport and maintenance of the server team, it is obvious that the Senate did not authorize the arbitrary exercise of such powers, because, as it is common to the rule of law, they shall be exercised within the limits of legality, of constitutional rights and guarantees and principles emanating from all our legal system”, the judge wrote in his order.

The opinion of the Civil House is signed by the Deputy Chief of Legal Affairs, Gustavo Rock Valley. The Civil House explained that, to be away from his presidential duties, Dilma has no official commitments that require the displacement FAB airplanes. he explained, still, that the use is authorized in Brasilia shifts to Porto Alegre because Dilma family reside in the capital gaucho.
The press office of the Presidential Palace said the government will, initially, abide by the court's decision, but do not know the whole content. According to a spokesperson, only having access to full decision that the government will examine whether it is a feature.

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