Lava Jato charges $ 10 mi Claudia Cruz and more 3 people

Claudia Cruz and the other three accused have become defendants in criminal action in Operation Lava jet on Thursday, 9.
10/06/2016 16h29 - Updated 10/06/2016 16h30
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The Federal Public Ministry asked the court to set at US $ 10 millions (R$ 36 millions) the minimum amount for compensation for damage caused to Petrobras by Claudia Cruz, Deputy Eduardo Cunha woman away (PMDB-RJ), the former director of the International area of ​​state Jorge Zelada, the PMDB fees operator João Henrique Areias and Portuguese businessman Idalecio Oliveira.

The wife of Eduardo Cunha is accused of money laundering and tax evasion. The researchers found that it spent nearly $ 1 million abroad in luxury goods purchases, from shoes and handbags to clothing and food in upscale restaurants in Milan, Lisboa, Paris e Dubai.

The money allowed Claudia seasons of comfort and pleasure abroad originated in kickbacks that her husband received the Petrobras scheme, according to Task Force Lava Jato.

The prosecution accuses Jorge Zelada by passive corruption. João Augusto Rezende Henriques was denounced by passive corruption, money laundering and tax evasion.

Idalecio Oliveira is guilty of active corruption and money laundering, involving values ​​of the corruption scheme installed in Petrobras' International Board.

US $ 10 million in compensation relate to the payment of full tuition fee for that purchase, the state oil company, of an oil field in Africa were implemented, in 2011.

The deal was closed at US $ 34,5 millions. Almost a third of the total was for the payment of bribes, according to the Attorney.

The Task Force Lava jet charted the path of money, which began in the payment of the Petrobras oil company CBH, controlling the oil field in Africa.

In 3 from May of 2011 Brazilian government transferred $ 34,5 millions (R$ 138.345.000,00) for a company and, on the same date, there was the transfer of US $ 31 million from CBH to Lusitania Petroleum, property holding Oliveira Idalecio that, covers, among other companies, itself CBH.

Two days after the Lusitania deposited US $ 10 million in favor of offshore Acona, owned by João Augusto Rezende Henriques, PMDB operator in Petrobras scheme.

The amount had been agreed as payment “undue advantage”.

From offshore Acona, 1.311.700,00 Swiss francs were deposited in the account Orion SP, Eduardo Cunha property, by five wire transfers between days 30 May and 23 June 2011.

In sequence, in August 2014, there was the transfer of US $ 165 mil da conta Netherton para a offshore Köpek, on behalf of Claudia Cruz.

Seal Dogs, that since 2008 it was fueled by resources of undue advantages from other secret accounts securitized by Eduardo Cunha, made payments on credit card bills between American Express 2008 e 2012 and Corner Card, between 2012 e 2015. All payments are pointed out in the complaint.

According to investigations, the fee of the value of the remainder paid by CBH to close the deal with Petrobras (near US $ 8,5 millions) and has been deposited with the Acona, João Augusto Rezende Henriques, It was distributed to several other offshore whose recipients have not been identified. The prosecution suspects that other public officials received kickbacks in this operation.

Prosecutors task force emphasized that “the evidence that supported the charges indicate the existence of systemic corruption framework embedded in virtually all contracts of the International Board of the State, and the payment of bribes was the real 'game rules'”.

“Corruption was a level where the evidence indicates that a business value of the third was reserved to pay fees. This shows the need for an institutional response to reforms, among them political reform and 10 measures against corruption”, preach federal prosecutors.

For years researchers, “the evidence shows that the accused diverted money from Petrobras safes, which have been contributions of object made from the EU coffers”.

“Ultimately, there is evidence that Eduardo Cunha and Cláudia Cruz benefited from public funds that have been converted into luxury handbags, designer shoes and other private use goods.”


“Claudia Cruz respond to charges made as yet, collaborating with justice and delivering the documents necessary to investigate the facts”, says defense Cunha woman.

“(She) notes that has no connection with acts of corruption or money laundering, You do not know the other accused and never participated in or witnessed unlawful negotiations”, the statement said.

Cunha also defended himself by noting: “It is dismembered of the investigation procedure 4146 do STF, in which the complaint was lodged, the Attorney General, not yet examined by the Supreme”.

“It was offered the Court the complaint of Grade 1, where the rite is different, with termination of preliminary receipt, term opening for defense in ten days and subsequent decision on the maintenance or not of receipt. The breakdown of the report was to target resources and claims not yet judged by the Supreme Court that, is provided, will return this process STF”.

“Regardless of awaiting the judgment of the Supreme Court, It will be offered the defense after notification, sure that the defense arguments are welcomed. My wife had overseas account within the rules of the Brazilian legislation, declared to the competent authorities in the required time, and the origin of funds deposited in it has nothing to do with any illegal funds or receiving undue advantage”, ends to note.


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