Lava Jato denounces José Dirceu and Renato Duque corruption and laundering

second researchers, companies passed on more than R $ 2 million for the former Minister of Governance.
29/06/2016 16h24 - Updated 29/06/2016 16h24
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The Federal Public Ministry, in Curitiba submitted to the Federal Justice on Monday, 27, new complaint against former Minister of Governance, José Dirceu de Oliveira e Silva, the former director of Petrobras Services, Renato Duque, and five investigated. The task force Operation Lava Jet accuses the seven active corruption, passive corruption, money laundering and membership of a criminal organization.

"During investigations under Operation Lava Jato, it was proven that the executives of the company Apolo Tubulars, Carlos Eduardo de Sá Baptista and Paulo Cesar Peixoto de Castro Palhares, interested in entering the pipe market and enter into large contracts with Petrobras, They requested the intervention of Julius Gerin de Almeida Camargo next to Renato Duque for the company was benefited before the state ", said note of the Attorney.

Second esearchers, upon payment of fees in the amount of more than R $ 7 millions, Renato Duque, as responsible for the Petrobras Service Board, to which was subject to Materials Management, responsible for the bidding process, 'Allowed the hiring of Apolo Tubulars in pipe supply contract with an initial value of R $ 255.798.376,40, which was maximized to the amount of R $ 450,460,940.84 '.

The prosecution maintains that the bribes were transferred by Apolo Tubulars for Piedmont company, the lobbyist Julio Camargo. The Investigators argue that, then, Renato Duque asked Julio Camargo 'that its share of kickbacks, applicable as a result of their interventions, was transferred to the political captained core Dirceu '.

"Like this, near 30% the amounts received by Julio Camargo, or equivalent to R $ 2.144.227,73, They were transferred to the former Minister of Governance ", points the task force.

Prosecutors point out that 'to disguise the transfers of undue advantages', Julio Camargo defrayed expenses arising from the use of two aircraft by José Dirceu. The lobbyist had also arranged the transfer values ​​for José Dirceu, 'By false contract between the companies Credential - controlled by Eduardo Aparecido de Meira and Flávio Henrique de Oliveira Macedo - and Auguri'.

Payments arising from this contract totaled R $ 688.633,07 and occurred between 12 March and 30 July 2012. According to the petition, this period Eduardo Aparecido de Meira and Flávio Henrique de Oliveira Macedo made several cash withdrawals of high value and kept about 300 telephone contacts with Dirceu and his group.

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