Lava jet prepares new allegations against marketeer Dilma and Lula, by evasion and laundering

currently, John Santana and Monica Moura respond to two criminal charges in Operation Lava Jato.
02/06/2016 09h27 - Updated 2/06/2016 11h29
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While advances in the investigations into the crimes committed by the largest contractor in the country, a Odebrecht, the Task Force Lava Jato already preparing new charges against marketeer John Santana and his wife and partner Monica Moura, who worked in the presidential campaign of Dilma (2010 e 2014) and Lula (2006). currently, the couple responds to two criminal actions in Operation Lava Jato, accused of corruption, criminal organization and international money laundering involving the corruption scheme in Sete Brazil, mixed capital company established for the production of pre-salt probes, and payments received by them from the 'kickback department' of Odebrecht in Brazil and abroad.

According to the Prosecutor's Office in Paraná, will 'soon' presented two new complaints involving: the alleged evasion of double currency, only declared to have the account in Switzerland on behalf of offshore Shellbill Finance that received millions amounts of one of kickback operators in Petrobras after the Lava Jato; and alleged money laundering through 'concealment and disguising the illicit origin of the funds used for the acquisition of property for the benefit of the couple', says the task force in a document submitted to the judge Sergio Moro, responsible for Lava jet in Paraná.

One of the couple's property, arrested since February, that is targeted by the researchers is the apartment 8W, on 19th Avenue, in New York, which is indicated as the address for shopping and is registered to a company open for them, in 2009, em El Salvador.

"Many messages have been identified in which Monica Regina Cunha Moura indicates how address an apartment in New York - 245 19th Ave Apt 8W, New York, NY 10001 ", informs Analysis Report of the Federal Police in the email "[email protected]", signed by the delegate Philip Hille Pace, no dia 20 from January.

By breaking the confidentiality of e-mails Monica Moura, PF points out that the site was suitable for her and her daughter in various messages as the address for delivery of purchases made by them on the Internet.

"There is no, However, declaration to the tax authorities of New York property, there malicious intent to hide it from the Brazilian authorities ", PF says in the report that analyzed the electronic messages.

accusations. Fruit of the 26th stage of Lava Jato, Operation Xepa, the first complaint object against John Santana and Monica Moura, the prosecution has focused on the payments to the marketer PT made by "professional sector kickbacks" Odebrecht. According to the Federal Public Ministry, Odebrecht had knowledge of the sector and even would have acted to take it apart and protect employees of investigations.

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