Lava Jato want vigilantism by airport concessions

The Prosecutor's Office charges information accelerated works contracts for the World Cup 2014 and the Olympics this year.
19/06/2016 13h06 - Updated 20/06/2016 17h18
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The Prosecutor's Office charges Marcelo Bahia Odebrecht and José Pinheiro Aldemário, Léo Pinheiro, da OAS, information on airport concessions contracts and infrastructure works in the terminals that have been accelerated to the Cup 2014 and the Olympics this year.

The Task Force Lava Jet elected these as topics of interest for trading in vigilantism already initiated by contractors.

To win exploration auctions, contractors formed dealerships and relied on financial investments of pension funds and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES).

Researchers from Lava Jato have found evidence that there was corruption in the airport concession process held in 2011, 2012 e 2013, in government Dilma Rousseff. The task force believes that Marcelo Odebrecht and Leo Pinheiro can provide details of these business – which totaled, altogether, R$ 45 billion.

Formal negotiations between defense contractors and Lava Jato were signed in recent months with the Attorney General's Office, especially that seeks evidence of corruption and laundering political money and other authorities in possession of privileged forum. But the closing of the agreement, which should come in parallel with the leniency, It involves a team of prosecutors and representatives of the task force, in Curitiba – origin of the scandal investigations at Petrobras.

Prosecutors consider as practically closed the inquiry in the contracts of the state oil company and want to expand the focus of investigations to other sectors.

Odebrecht and OAS were winners of concession contracts in the two main government auctions packages Dilma, in 2012 e 2013, going to manage the airports of greater value.

The OAS Group joined the concessionaire that manages Cumbica, in Guarulhos (SP) – a GRU Airport, by Invepar, in a business R $ 16 billion. A Odebrecht, associated with international partners, won the award of the Galleon, in the river, no amount of R $ 19 billion.

Another contractor caught by Lava jet acting on cartel in Petrobras contracts part of airport concessionaire. A UTC, Ricardo Pessoa informer, participates in the management of Viracopos, Campinas (SP), which earned R $ 3,8 billion to the government.

Engevix participating in the grant of Juscelino Kubitschek airport, in Brasilia – a business of R $ 4,5 billion -, but sold his share.

The airport sector was led by the government Dilma Moreira Franco, now one of the top aides of the President of Michel Temer (PMDB). Moreira Franco is Executive Secretary of the Investment Partnership Program (PPI), you want to play the concessions in interim government. He was appointed by Dilma Minister of Civil Aviation Bureau (SAC) in 2013.

Sought through its advisory services, utilities airport Cumbica and Galleon declined to comment. Odebrecht and OAS also reported that they would not comment on the matter.

The criminalist Theo Dias, representing Marcelo Odebrecht, He said it did not manifest itself on the subject. Jose Luis de Oliveira Lima, defender Léo Pinheiro, It was not found. Moreira Franco said just followed up the auction of the airport Galeao and Confins, a process that was underway when he took the SAC, and that has nothing to comment on investigations. “We have to get used to something that is healthy. Police are investigating, prosecutors mounts the process and the Justice judges.”

The Ministry of Transport, which currently covers the civil aviation sector, It had not positioned.


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