Wash Jet suspect Monica Moura tried to erase trail of kickbacks

Passbook has seized notation 'Determine end of PF operations (without)’.
28/06/2016 16h18 - Updated 28/06/2016 16h18
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Researchers from the Jet Wash Operation suspect that advertising Monica Moura, woman marketeer PT João Santana, You may be trying to erase the traces of receipts campaign resources undeclared. The task force seized Jet Wash, in February, an advertising blue book with note: “Determine the end of operations PF”.

For years researchers, the note could mean an order to stop receiving money "out" (PF). The double advertising is stuck in Wash Jet since February accused of receiving about $ 20 million Odebrecht construction company and Zwi Skornicki operator in secret accounts abroad, not declared to the IRS. Lava-Jato says that part of the funds were diverted from Petrobras.

In testimony to the Justice, Monica Moura admitted receiving undeclared resources, but he said they were related to contracts in the couple abroad and had no connection with the state.

Another note drew the attention of researchers. it, It appears the word “ETHIC” e, below, six topics with political references. Between them, phrase: “all the people were accused (GET, JK, Brizola)”. The note, according to investigations, can mean strategies and John Santana guidelines for the government of President Dilma Rousseff away.

In speeches and pronouncements, Rousseff and former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, repeatedly, make analogies the alleged persecution of PT governments to situations experienced by populist former presidents as Getulio Vargas and Juscelino Kubitschek and former governor of Rio, Brizola.

The habit of Monica Moura annotate was that led to the outbreak of the 23th stage of Wash Lato. A document seized in the 9th stage of the operation showed a link between Monica Moura and lobbyist Zwi Skornicki, named as one of the corruption scheme operators at Petrobras. in annotation, there was a message on a contract between the offshore Shellbill Finance S.A. e Zwi:

“Mando copy of the contract that I signed with another company as a model. I think ours can be simplified, this is very bureaucratic, but guys who know. deleted, for obvious reasons, company name. I have the electronic copy, for safety. I await news. also follows the data from my account with two options paths. Euro or dollar. Guys choose the best. grata. Abs. Monica Santana”.

Source: The globe

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