Joshua Neto law requires companies to offer online debt settlement

For the deputy that's a way to make it easier for both sides, simplifying the exercise of consumer protection.
16/06/2016 06h50 - Updated 16/06/2016 06h50
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The providers of legal firms public or private services, as electric utilities, Water, telephone operators, health insurance, credit card, store card, financial, schools, etc., They will be required to make available on their official websites, the discharge vouchers annual debts of consumers. The law project (PL), presented by the President of Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard), State Representative Joshua Neto (PSD), It was approved during the Plenary Session Thursday (9).

In justification of the PL, Rep cites the Constitution of Amazonas, in Chapter III, Art.9, It provides that the State shall promote the protection of consumers by adopting own government policy and guidance and supervision measures, defined by law. Already the law proposed by Joshua Neto, It provides consumers the replacement of monthly discharge vouchers, by a single annual document that can be accessed on the official website of each company, proving that your payments are up to date.

Joshua Neto said that this is a way to facilitate both sides, simplifying, mainly, the exercise of consumer protection, in case of improper billing. For him, the measure promotes economy companies, They will not need to send Discharges press form. Neto recalled that the Federal Law 12.007/2009 already requires companies to provide to the annual consumer debts. however, the parliamentarian believes that its proposal will be more effective, it facilitates consumer access, as well as keep up with technological advances.

The law went to the sanction of the state government and, after it is sanctioned, companies should provide this consumer control tool.

The statement made available on the company's website shall correspond to the months from January to December of each year. If the service has not occurred since the beginning of the year, You will have to contain the months to settle debts. The deadline for implementation of this Law shall be until the month of May next year (2017). The proof should be available on the site so that the consumer can consult at any time.

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