Lobbyist says it gave $ 4,5 million for two Dilma box 2014

Zwi Skornicki was arrested in February by Operation Lava Jato.
09/06/2016 07h35 - Updated 9/06/2016 07h43
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O lobista Zwi Skornicki, arrested in February by Operation Lava jet on charges of paying a bribe in Petrobras contracts, said negotiations to close a tipoff according to prosecutors Lava Jet US $ 4,5 million paid to John Santana were resources for the two box Dilma Rousseff campaign 2014.

The information was brought forward by the newspaper “The globe” and confirmed by Folha.

Skornicki told prosecutors that the contribution was agreed with former PT treasurer João Vaccari Neto, that is stuck in Curitiba and has been sentenced to 24 years in prison.

Santana led the marketing of PT in both Dilma campaigns (2010 e 2014) and Lula's re-election 2006.

The campaign 2014, he received R $ 78 millions. Of all the campaigns that made between PT 2002 e 2014, your company earned $ 229 millions.

US $ 4,5 million transferred by lobbyist, which currently amount to R $ 15,2 millions, They were deposited in an account maintained by Santana in a Swiss bank and the value was not declared to the electoral court for Dilma campaign.

Santana's account at Heritage Bank had also not been declared to the IRS.

The away President denies receiving illegal funds in the re-election campaign and accuses the press slandering it based on “conclusions and assumptions”.

The Skornicki according to prosecutors Lava jet is at an advanced stage, but not yet officially closed, according to Folha.

The discovery of the transfer of lobbyist Santana was made by the task force of Lava jet from analysis of bank data sent by the Swiss authorities in Brazil. Skornicki made nine transfers of US $ 500 thousand for the PT marketer account.

The money went through a Citibank branch in New York and then was transferred to Switzerland. The marketer must also be processed in the United States because of illegal funds were carried over there banks.

Santana also received $ 3 Odebrecht million in Switzerland.

Skornicki is one of the oldest lobbyists who worked at Petrobras. He represented the interests of a group of Singapore, called Keppel Fells.

Pedro Barusco, former manager of Petrobras closed a tipoff that agree 2014, He says Skornicki paid about US $ 40 million in bribes to close contracts with the state of 2002 e 2014 to provide oil rigs.

The press office of President Dilma Rousseff said in a statement “are untrue and frivolous accusations launched, again based on denunciations selectively leaked”.

Second note, “President Dilma Rousseff rejected the suggestion that was aware of an alleged request for $ 4,5 million made by the treasurer of the PT, Joao Vaccari Neto, the representative of Brazil at the shipyard Keppel Fels, Zwi Skornicki, for re-election campaign”, in 2014.

for Dilma, only the treasurer of the campaign, Edinho Silva, It came to contributions.

According to the president away, the search press slandering it based on “conclusions and assumptions”.

The defense lawyer of PT marketeer, Fabio Tofic Simantob, refutes the outside resource is received kickbacks, corruption or money laundering. According to him, as Santana provided the services for which the contract was, the infraction occurred was slush, since the US $ 7,5 million were not reported to the IRS.

Source: Folha de S.Paulo

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