Machado reveals box 2 R $ 1 mi to Aécio play presidency of the Board and fees for PSDB

Former president of Transpetro, says planned with the president today toucan a scheme to fund 50 MEPs.
30/06/2016 17h26 - Updated 30/06/2016 17h26
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In his award-winning tipoff, the former director of Transpetro Sérgio Machado revealed the existence of a major corruption scheme when he was leader of the PSDB in the Senate, in 1998, to elect the current President of Acronym Aécio Neves to the presidency of the House 2000 and structuring a broad base of support for the government of Fernando Henrique Cardoso in Congress. The very Aécio, according to Machado, I would have received at the time R $ 1 million in cash.

According to the informer, he, then Senator Teotonio Vilela and the then Deputy Aécio drew up a plan in 1998 to "help financially" 50 Members to be elected that year to ensure support for Aécio's election to the presidency of the Chamber, in 2000. The money would be raised through kickbacks from companies and illicit funds of Fernando Henrique Cardoso re-election campaign

"What they decided (three at the meeting) that would give between R $ LOO thousand reais and R $ 300 thousand reais for each candidate ", reports Machado, who claims to have received bribes from donor companies Tucanas campaigns, and also have sought the then Minister of Communications and coordinator of FHC Luis Carlos Mendonça de Barros campaign to collect illegal funds.

"That they (FHC campaign) assured us that some of these illegal funds, at the time about R $ 4 million reais, would come from the national campaign by the then communications minister Luis Carlos Mendonça de Barros ", Machado says, according to which part of the illicit money came "from abroad", without giving details of how it was operated and what his source.

"What these illegal funds in were delivered in several species in installments, by persons appointed by him (Luis Carlos Mendonça de Barros). that the largest share of approximately R $ 7 million raised at the time, It was intended to then Congressman Aécio Neves, which received R $ 1 million in cash ".

Machado says the PSDB received these resources from a friend of Brasilia "that helped this logistics" and said only that the person was a young brunette who "was always with casual clothes and a backpack".

In addition to the scheme mounted by Mendonca Barros, Machado also cited the slush of Camargo Corrêa to Tucanas campaigns in the period and admitted he had received at the time R $ 350 thousand in cash from contractor. Every effort of the illegal scheme, I would have also funded municipal campaigns in the PSDB 2000, according to whistleblower, allowed the PSDB elect the second largest Chamber bench.

"That from this joint and funding made in 1998 e 2000 in the mayoral election, the PSDB could elect 99 Members ", follows Machado. According to him, however, then-President Fernando Henrique Cardoso was against the joint to Aécio to elect mayor, because he feared at the time a split of its base.

nevertheless, Aetius was eventually elected president of the House.

Source: Estadão

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