Machado will return R $ 75 million to Petrobras and fulfill house arrest

PGR hit that Machado could not be sentenced to more than 20 years and fulfill penalty with monitoring by electronic anklet.
15/06/2016 14h53 - Updated 15/06/2016 14h53
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The former president of Transpetro, Sérgio Machado, one of the informers of Operation Lava Jato, committed, the award-winning tipoff agreement, to return R $ 75 million to Petrobras.

in accordance, the Attorney General's Office (PGR) Machado hit that can not be sentenced to more than 20 years in criminal actions which should account for deviations in state. Besides that, the whistleblower fulfill penalty under house system, with monitoring by electronic anklet.

According to the terms, released today (15) after decision of the Minister Teori Zavascki, R$ 10 million will be paid 30 days after approval, which occurred last month, and R $ 65 million in installments 18 months.

For having denounced the alleged Transpetro resource transfers to political, Machado will meet different household arrangements.

"The employee may be absent from his residence, for six continuous hours and not divisible, eight dates in the period of his imprisonment under house closed regime,should scientificize the Court and the Federal Prosecutor, with at least 72 hours, the time, on each date, that will make use of the franchise and may request, reasonable grounds and with a minimum of five working days, date change ", said the collaboration term.

Source: Agency Brazil

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