Most of the Ethics Council holders defends cassation Cunha

Until now, only four of 21 holders said they were contrary to the opinion.
07/06/2016 13h11 - Updated 7/06/2016 13h17
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Thirteen holders between 21 that make up the Council of Ethics have spoken in favor of Deputy Eduardo Cunha impeachment away (PMDB-RJ). Each parliamentary got ten minutes to talk about their positioning in relation to the process enters the final phase in the collegiate. Until now, only four said holders be contrary to the opinion submitted on Feb. 1 by the case of the rapporteur, Marcos Rogerio (DEM RO), asking for Cunha clearance.

The board will also hear four members not part of the college, who will have five minutes to manifest, and party leaders. Once the discussions are terminated, President of the Board of Ethics, José Carlos Araújo (PR-BA), will give the vote to be registered in the boardroom panel, if not submitted applications for postponement of the vote.

In favor of impeachment, Julio Delgado (PSB-MG) He recalled that the representation was presented in November and stressed that these eight months of proceedings were 14 changes in board composition. Opponents wedge attribute changes in chairs PMDB strategies to thicken the team in their favor and ensure that the mandate be maintained. In the last days, Eduardo Cunha allies, among them Manoel Júnior (PMDB-PB), also left the board. In place of the parliamentary was nominated Carlos Henrique Gaguim (PTN-TO), today resigned from the job, less than 24 after indicated hours.

Parliamentarians as Laerte Bessa (PR-DF) and Sérgio Moraes (PTB-RS) They argued that there is no proof of the existence of accounts in the name of Eduardo Cunha. While Bessa denied Cunha interfere with processes of the house and called for a more lenient sentence, as the suspension for a few days, Moraes said that the vote is contaminated by a game "to the audience". According to him, unlike the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff away, if there is nothing Cunha. "The applause of speech does not encourage me. I am a Member who votes for facts and there is nothing here to prove that he lied to Petrobras 'CPI', he said.

Cunha is accused of lying to the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry Petrobras, when he denied the existence of offshore accounts in your name, which could characterize breaking parliamentary decorum. The deputy, who was responsible for its defense in the collegiate, He denied being the holder of the accounts and said it was only beneficiary of the proceeds of trusts. He said the situation was "proven in the proceedings and the board".

Mrs Tia Eron, that by the beginning of the session was seen as the owner of the decisive vote for vote today, He has not yet appeared in the house. The accounting done by the collegiate advisors, Cunha was ten votes to nine would be the cancellation of his term. If this scenario is confirmed, Aunt Eron could tie the result and leave in the hands of the chairman a casting vote. Araújo course Cunha opponent. If the parliament does not show who votes in its place is Carlos Marun (PMDB-MS), alinhado com o peemedebista e que foi o primeiro suplente do bloco de Eron a registrar a presença. Marun chegou à sala quase uma hora antes do marcado.

Enquanto o processo é definido no Conselho de Ética, the Commission of Constitution and Justice, que será responsável por avaliar recursos que questionam a tramitação, marcou para as 14h30 de hoje uma reunião para analisar, entre outras propostas, o parecer sobre a consulta feita pelo deputado Welligton Roberto (PR) sobre possibilidade de ser submetido ao plenário um projeto de resolução, em vez do relatório elaborado pelo Conselho de Ética. O parecer sobre essa consulta foi elaborado pelo deputado Arthur Lira (PP-AL).

Source: Agency Brazil

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