More of 3,6 tons of illegal fish are seized in the AM

All seized fish was donated to local communities and wildlife slaughtered the institution Mamirauá for scientific research purposes.
20/06/2016 15h31 - Updated 20/06/2016 15h31
Photo: Press Release / IPAAM

The Institute of Amazonas Environmental Protection (Ipaam), through the Supervisory Management (rate), in joint action with the Environmental Police Battalion (BPAmb) and the Institute of Sustainable Development Mamirauá (IDSM) They unleashed, period not 7 a 17 Of this month, "Operation gillnets" that occurred in the Sustainable Development Reserves (RDS) Amanã e Mamirauá. As a result of actions, They were seized over 3 tons of fish, including the piracatinga, that is with prohibited fishing. The action also included the participation of the manager of RDS Amanã.

As a result, They were seized over 1.800 kilograms of piracatinga, more 1.600 Pirarucu and 150 other illegal fish. In fish, They were seized 3 bales, 4 monkey species Guariba, 2 Chelonia, It is an Amazonian turtle, 17 carcasses of tapirs, 8 Pacas carcasses and 6 Amazon turtle carcasses. They were also seized 5 boats, and one of the approaches found 34 kilograms of narcotics. The suspect was arrested by the military police who were active in the operation and taken to the regional police station in the municipality of Tefé, which is 522,61 kilometers from Manaus.

In a total of 123 approaches, They were issued 17 tax assessments, which together add up to the amount of R $ 216.760 (two hundred and sixteen thousand, seven hundred and sixty reais), 29 terms of seizure, 9 terms of donation, 2 terms of release and 2 terms of destruction. It is noteworthy that all seized fish was donated to local communities and wildlife slaughtered the institution Mamirauá for scientific research purposes.

The capture and fishing piracatinga is prohibited as the legal device, Interministerial Instruction 6 of 17 July 2014. The capture of this fish contributes to kill porpoises and alligators in the region, used as bait to attract shoals of this species that feeds on the remains of other animals.

But the Arapaima is permanently closed, that is, during the year, Regulatory Instructions as IBAMA No. 34/2004 and No. 01/2005, It may be sold only when derived from fish farms licensed by the competent environmental agency or management area authorized by Ibama.

Mamirauá Institute mobilizes operation
The Mamirauá Institute develops its activities through research programs, management and technical advice in the areas of Mamirauá Reservations, in the middle Solimões region. together, these reserves are an area of 3.474.000 hectares and through agreements with the Amazonas State Government, the Institute supports the management of these reserves and at least four times a year mobilizes a wide surveillance operation along with Ipaam and other partners.

Operation gillnets is the second action to combat environmental illicit 2016 and it is already being planned a third inspection.

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