Manaus gets Videogame Museum Traveling from Saturday (4)

Event will be in shopping in the West Zone of the capital. Show is free and is open to the public until the next day 26.
04/06/2016 12h02 - Updated 4/06/2016 12h02
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The Itinerant Videogame Museum will come to Manaus on Saturday (4). The public can view the exhibition 200 consoles and play classics from the past 44 years. The event will be at Shopping Ponta Negra, in Manaus West Zone.
Among the attractions will also be the Just Dance challenges, simulators run, cosplay parade and many others. The attraction will be available for free, in shopping event hall, located on the first floor (L1), until the day 26.

According to the organization, among the relics are the first made island in the world, o Magnavox Odyssey, from 1972; or Atari Pong (first home console Atari), from 1976; Fairchild Channel F, from 1976 (first console to use game cartridges); the Philco Ford Telejogo, from 1977 (the first video game made in Brazil); Nintendo Virtual Boy, from 1995 (first to run 3D games); o Vectrex, from 1982 (Vector console with games that already came with monitor); o Microvision (first notebook to use cartridge), from 1979 and R.O.B (little robot launched alongside Nintendo 8 bits, in 1985).

Gaming fans can meet and play PlayStation releases in multimedia totems with PlayStation 4, known in major games events in Brazil and abroad. Besides that, you can also fly in cockpits supermachines the game Drive Club for PS4, they bring graphics as if on a real track. The event also features Nintendo displays, with Wii U, and Microsoft, with the Xbox One.

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