Maranhão gives up delay and brand polls tomorrow in the House

He had announced that there would be no deliberative session on the basis of the June festivals in the states.
27/06/2016 10h00 - Updated 27/06/2016 10h00
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Under pressure, second members of the Management Board of the Chamber, the acting chairman of the House, Waldir Maranhão (PP-MA), He backed the decision to suspend the polls this week and marked polls tomorrow (28). He had announced, at the end of last week, there would be no deliberative session in the coming days due to the June festivals in the states, but reconsidered the measure stating the change to parliamentarians during the weekend. Maranhão also pointed out that there will be no discount for members who miss the session.

For the first secretary of the Chamber of Deputies, Beto Mansur (PRB-SP), retreat further weakens the situation of Maranhão which has been the target of much criticism among colleagues since taking control of the House, when Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) He was removed from office and mandate by decision of the Supreme Court (STF).

"Particularly, I absurd. One thing is for my situation, I live in São Paulo and have availability of flights to Brasilia direct, else is a deputy who lives in and have to go back without any predictability When you schedule a vote have to advance ", said.

Like other parliamentarians, already on Friday (24), criticized the suspension of work warning that, before the present time the country the House should not stand still for nearly 10 days, Mansur also questioned the exemption. "I am in the House for a long time [five terms] and about the event that is tradition in the North and Northeast, but you can not be honoring all Brazilian Saints, because if the House does not work. Last week was John, this week St. Peter. The House has to work. The company is looking at us. "

Last week, MPs voted only for the interim measure (MP) which deals with the participation of foreign capital in Brazilian airlines. The matter was approved last Tuesday. ahead, MP of the votes are planned dealing with doping control and the proposal establishing standards for defining and acting executive officers and directors of closed-end funds of pension linked to public entities and their companies, foundations or local authorities.

Regardless of the final decision, the retreat of Maranhão may further intensify the search for a solution on the House command. Mansur signaled the possibility that the Bureau is still meet this week to, again, try to find a way that enables new elections for the presidency of the Chamber.

"We need to hit this situation. We can not continue this impasse and the fault is also Eduardo Cunha who should have resigned so we could make new elections in five sessions. This thing instead of helping is annoying people ", concluded Mansur.

Source: Agency Brazil

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