Maranhão gives up consulting the CCJ which could reduce penalty Cunha

Among the interim president allies are not clear as to the motivations.
20/06/2016 14h11 - Updated 20/06/2016 14h11
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Interim President of the Chamber, Waldir Maranhão (PP-MA), gave up today (20) the consultation that was referred to the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ) the House, questioning the impeachment rite of parliamentarians in the House.

in consultation, Maranhão questioned what procedures should be adopted after the vote on the opinion on impeachment proceedings by the Ethics Committee and the text to be considered by the plenary is the opinion of rapporteur or a draft resolution on the decision of the college.

Today, Maranhão explained that consultation has already been answered by the Commission on at least two occasions - in March 1994 and September 2005 - And they had the same response: decisions about breaking parliamentary decorum, which goes to the vote in plenary is the opinion of the Board of Ethics and not a draft resolution.

The consultation was controversial numerous target in CCJ. Besides parties, as PT and PcdoB, who were already against maintaining reportedly Eduardo Cunha's term (PMDB-RJ) - President of the House away since March, by decision of the Supreme Court (STF) - Other legends, as DEM and PSDB, joined the criticism.

To or group, that for more than three sessions of the CCJ prevented the response from the rapporteur Arthur Lira (PP-AL) the question was read and put to the vote, the query would set another wedge allies maneuver to slow down his pen. Last week, the opinion was read but a request to view postponed the vote for two sessions and the result could be delivered today at the committee meeting that is scheduled for 14:30.

Unlike episodes remembered by Maranhão, the rapporteur, He said this time that it should be submitted to the plenary was a draft resolution and, thus, would fit amendments. But Lira said that the ceiling of punishment is what was decided by the Board of Ethics and amendments could be made only to slow down the penalty, that is, would open loopholes for the cancellation was reversed in a suspension for a specified time.

Eduardo Cunha
The request for cassation Cunha was approved by the Ethics Committee last week by 11 votes to nine. The expectation is that PMDB attorneys present arguments to reverse the result by Thursday (23), deadline set by the Internal Rules of the House. The appeal will be considered by the CCJ in five days from the referral to be made by the Chair of the House, led by Maranhão.

The House still lives in expectation of a wedge pronouncement that does not have date or time set. The PMDB should again deny charges that he lied to Petrobras' CPI, when he denied being the holder of accounts abroad. He claims to be only the beneficiary of trusts, manager of third-party assets.

The same charge is also in the hands of the Supreme Court which has other investigations against Cunha to be analyzed. In the single application tried so far, the Court accepted the investigation that points money laundering and corruption for receiving US $ 5 million in bribes to facilitate contracts between companies with Petrobras. Thereby, Cunha is process defendant in Supreme.

In two days, the Supreme Court reconvenes to examine the wedge arrest request made by the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot. Another survey that awaits result is what indicates the existence of offshore accounts that have been fed with the amount of R $ 5,2 millions, as a result of bribes to facilitate the acquisition of an oil field in Benin, in Africa.

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