Brooksfield Donna brand is accused of using child labor and slave

Inspection found underage workers and in conditions analogous to slavery factory that provided for the designer.
20/06/2016 16h31 - Updated 20/06/2016 16h33
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An audit conducted by the Ministry of Labor and Welfare pointed out that Donna Brooksfield, luxury women's brand of Via Veneto group, used slave labor in one of his garment factories, located on the east side of São Paulo. The information was anticipated by the NGO Reporter Brazil.

Second audit, one of the employees is the daughter of the factory owner, Felix Gonzalo. The girl has 14 years. In the opinion of the auditors, Sewing is one of the activities for which it is prohibited to hire people under 18 years. According to the text, working with sharp objects, as sewing machine, “It is among the worst forms of child labor”. The inspectors found at the site two more children.

In the house where the plant works, the five Bolivians caught him auditors who sewed at least 12 hours per day, seven days a week, and they lived in the workplace. The property does not have fire extinguishers and has improvised grid. The audit also warned of the risk of fire since the floor was lined fabrics.

Also according to the text of the Ministry of Labour, "The health and safety conditions were nonexistent, both in the workplace, as the dwelling places”. The document says the company refused to pay the labor rights of five employees, estimated at R $ 17.800 e, that is why, It must be processed by the Ministry of Labor. In the store, one geometric print silk dress, whose tissue was found in the plant, costs on average $ 900.

in a statement, the group Via Veneto said “not outsources the provision of services and its suppliers are certified companies”. He said that “the company does not hold and never maintained relations with workers possibly framed in a similar situation to slavery by labor inspection and that has always been available to public agencies to provide all the information necessary for the correct determination of the facts”.

Source: Estadão

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