'March for Jesus’ changes in transit Manaus on Saturday (25); Look

Event takes place from 14h and will undergo capital Blvd.. Streets will be closed to vehicular traffic.
24/06/2016 17h50 - Updated 26/06/2016 13h38
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A “March for Jesus”, which takes place this Saturday (25), will cause changes in Manaus transit. The March output is set to 14h and cycle through the avenues Ayrão, Constantino Nery and Pedro Teixeira, to the Sambadrome, in the neighborhood Dom Pedro, Central-West. During the course, the roads will be temporarily interdicted. After the passage of the faithful, traffic will be released.

From noon on Saturday, Street Ferreira Pena, the stretch between the streets 10 July and Leonardo Malcher, surrounding the da Saudade Square, will be banned for the concentration of the religious event "March for Jesus". The street Ramos Ferreira, between the Tapajós and Epaminondas streets, It will also be closed to vehicle traffic.

130 agents of the Municipal Institute of Engineering and Traffic Surveillance (Manaustrans) They will be positioned to monitor the traffic on the main intersections of the roads included in the path.

Deviations in traffic during March:
·Vehicles that travel on Leonardo Malcher can not access the Constantino Nery, should take the Getulio Vargas and Djalma Batista.

·Vehicles driven by Japurá, meaning 14 Square / Center, converted to the left toward Av. tarumã.

·After the March go to Av. Ayrão and access Constantino Nery, the movement of vehicles will be released in Ferreira Pena to access Alvaro Maia.

·A Off. Constantino Nery will be interdicted towards Centro / Av of Neighborhood. Álvaro Maia to the intersection with Av. Pedro Teixeira, according to the passage of the March.

·The vehicles that travel at Travessa Artur Bernardes, coming from the west zone, They may be diverted to the Constantino Nery towards the center, if necessary the deviation will be extended to Emilia Street Streets in St. George.

·Vehicles and groups that travel in John Valerius will be diverted to the Av. Djalma Batista.

·The Pedro Teixeira flow, meaning district / center, will be diverted left into the Samba Avenue, accessing the Loris Cordovil Right.

·A Off. Lorises Cordovil will double sense of circulation.

Source: G1

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