Transparency index improvement in the AM was supported by TCE-AM, highlights Secex

The ECA has made monitoring and requirement for compliance with legislation, under penalty to the manager.
24/06/2016 13h55 - Updated 24/06/2016 13h55
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Improving Public Administration Transparency Index Amazonense celebrated this month, both in the cities and in state government, It is the result of the control organs of the forces of unity (MPF, MPE, MPC-TCE-AM, etc.), integrating the Network Control in the Amazon, and had direct support from the State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM), said second Friday (24) Secretary-General of External TEC Control, Pedro Augusto Oliveira.

According to Pedro Augusto Oliveira, by determination of the presidency of the EC Treaty, the External Control Directorate of Information Technology (Diati) included on-site inspections, by technicians TEC, follow up with the authorities on the compliance and adequacy of the Electronic Portal of State and Municipal Public Administration of Law 12.527/2011 (Access to Information Act), Complementary Law No. 131/2009 and other legal provisions related to the guarantee of the principle of transparency and Advertising, including relevant aspects of Information Technology.

By means of a checklist used in auditing, TBI has managed to map the electronic portal service index of state and municipal governments to Law 12.527/2011 (Access to Information Act) and has made monitoring and requirement for compliance with legislation, under penalty to the manager. The ranking done by the ECA was made available to the Control Network.

According to director of Diati, Eduardo Nunan, TCE realized about ten specialized audits that covered the State Government, the Municipality of Manaus and within municipalities.

For the secretary general of Secex, Pedro Augusto Oliveira, even with the advance in the indices, the improvement is still modest and that much needs to be done for the Public Administration Amazonense reach an appropriate transparency index. According to him, new audits are planned for this year and for next year, as directed by the presiding, Ari Moutinho Junior, which is a enthuses in improving transparency throughout the state.
Regardless of inspection activities, Secretary directed to managers who suited as soon as the gates of transparency, in order to meet the requirements of the Transparency Law and other legal provisions, to avoid unnecessary fines.

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