Melo announces overhaul of the Olympic Village and construction training center

Near 1,2 million will be used to build the training ground of the shooting athletes with bow and R $ 14 million will be invested in the revitalization of the Olympic Village.
25/06/2016 10h49 - Updated 25/06/2016 10h50
Photo: Press Release / Secom

With investments of R $ 15,2 millions, the governor of Amazonas, Jose Melo, announced a complete overhaul of the Olympic Village of Manaus and the construction of an exclusive training center for athletes shot with arc State. The announcement was made on the afternoon of Friday, 24 of June, during the inauguration of the new Amazon Gymnastics Center Bianca Maia Mendonça, located in the Olympic Village of Manaus, in the neighborhood Dom Pedro, central-west.

"The reform is already bidding on and let's go to the service order. We will also build a training center for archery. Here we have some extremely talented indigenous brothers, champions around the world in the sport. Besides that, got federal funds that will add to our and we will make a general reform in the Olympic Village. Despite the crisis, we have good news to give ", said Jose Melo.

Of the total investments, near 1,2 million will be used to build the training ground of the shooting athletes with bow and R $ 14 million remaining, 50% from the union and 50% the state government, will be invested in the revitalization of the Olympic Village.

New cradle of athletes Amazon gymnastics, Amazon Gymnastics Center Bianca Maia Mendonça, will work to develop new athletes and offer space for training professionals delegations all over the country, besides adding value to the sports complex and Amazon leisure. "We are one of the few Brazilian states that have a complex as what we have here, that comes from the Olympic Village, through the Arena da Amazônia, the temple of our ox and the Carnival and now this temple to the gymnasts ", said the governor.

Melo also reinforced the importance of investment in the category athletes to ensure maximum performance in adequate training conditions. "Here is where we 'machining’ the future Biancas, what, certainly, They give us very proud ", he explained. The governor stressed that the space will also serve to host national and international competitions, and receive athletes from other states for training.

With investments totaling R $ 3,9 millions, Training Center will be the largest in Northern Brazil. The sports complex has more than 1,4 thousand square meters for training and presentation of sports. It also has ballet rooms and physiotherapy and ample space for the preparation of hundreds of athletes. The building also features accessibility for people with disabilities (PCDs), stands with 551 places, and internet network.

The Gymnastics Center gymnast takes the name Amazon Bianca Maia, Pan American medalist, which held a special presentation for the inauguration. thrilled, the athlete said he was honored to lend its name to the space that should be part of the lives of thousands of other athletes. "It's a beautiful story that the Amazon is now beginning in the history of gymnastics, which represents a major step forward for the sport. From now on we will discover thousands of new talent for sure ", she said.

The Gymnastics Center is hosting since Wednesday, day 22, the Brazilian Championship and the Brazil Cup of Rhythmic Gymnastics, which will have its final on Saturday, 25 of June. Both competitions serve as trials for the South American Rhythmic Gymnastics, youth category and pre-child.

The Amazon is represented by a team with five athletes in pre-child category and one in the children's category. Between them, Evelin Silva, from 10 years, seven of them dedicated to sport. "I'm very nervous attending my first competition, but I think this will bring me a great experience and arrive at Bianca level one day, ", completed.

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