PT members in São Paulo protest PF search at party headquarters

The Federal Police fulfills search warrant and seizure on site, about five hours.
23/06/2016 10h41 - Updated 23/06/2016 10h43
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A group of members of the municipal Party directory Workers and members of social movements are a protest outside the headquarters of PT, in São Paulo, where the Federal Police fulfills search warrant and arrest five hours ago.

The protesters unfurled a banner with the picture of the president away from the House of Representatives, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) and the words "Bye, thief. And Temer?”. The communication secretary of the Municipal Directory, João Bravin, He said he was outraged. According to him, the national president of the PT, Rui Falcão, It was today in Brasilia and must travel to Sao Paulo.

"Once again, It is a selective action of the Federal Police, against a political party that did not refuse to participate in or cooperate with investigations ", said. "Every week we have a minister that putschist party out of the government and no one goes in the house of these former minister who has tipoff, not coercitivamente. This is absurd, selective persecution ", said.

The action during Operation Cost Brazil, an offshoot of Lava Jato, It began at 6 am at PT's headquarters in São Paulo, located on the street Silveira Martins, Central region, which is banned for vehicle traffic - only pedestrians can transit through the site.

Eight armed men from Ready Intervention Group of the Federal Police make security outside the headquarters building, aided by military police. The press office of the Federal Police in São Paulo reported that operating details will be provided to journalists at 11am, in conference at the organization's headquarters in Brasilia.

The operation of the actions are done in conjunction with the Federal Public Ministry and the Internal Revenue Service and the goal is to determine the payment of bribes, from IT service provision contracts, no amount of R $ 100 millions, between the years 2010 e 2015, the people connected to public and public officials officials in the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management.

Former Minister Paulo Bernardo folder was remanded in custody today in Brasilia and must be driven to Sao Paulo. His lawyer confirmed the arrest of his client and said he did not see grounds for action: “the arrest is not justified. My client takes no more function and always put at the disposal of the authorities to provide information. "

The federal police are serving also sent in Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, Pernambuco and the Federal District.

Workers of various health categories of São Paulo, who are on strike, They passed in front of the headquarters of PT, por volta the 10:20. The protest was not related to the searches in the party headquarters directory, because the strikers had already set the path to go down the street Silveira Martins to the gym Bank Employees' Union, where there will be a meeting of the category.

Source: Agency Brazil

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