even ineligible, Eron heifer is PCdoB pre-candidate Manaus Prefecture

Former Secretary only accumulated this year two convictions totaling R $ 3,7 millions.
11/06/2016 01h11 - Updated 11/06/2016 01h16
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Even with convictions in the Amazon Court (TJAM) and the State Court of Auditors (TCE), former Secretary of Science and Technology of the Federal Government, Eron Bezerra, launched PCdoB pre-candidate for the Manaus City Hall, party which he presides in the Amazon.

Eron was sentenced, along with the former president of Dignity for All Institute (IDPT), Carlos Lacerda Junior, to give back R $ 1,1 million to the public coffers by misuse of resources 2008. Decision was published, Official Gazette of the Amazon Court (TJAM), on Tuesday (7). in the sentence, Judge Leoney Figliuolo Harraquian yet determined the suspension of political rights of the convicted for a period of eight years. Appeal the decision.

No last day 25 of May, the Amazonas State Court (TCE-AM) judged irregular provision of Eron accounts, referring to his tenure at the State Department of Rural Production (Sepror). Eron Bezerra was sentenced to return R $ 2,6 million to public coffers, between fines and glosses.

Is to consolidate candidacy, it will be up to the Electoral Prosecutor gives reasons for challenging the application, which can not take effect if both sentences are suspended because of the suspensive effect of appeals.

Eron Bezerra said its lawyers are already working to reverse decisions.

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