AM method aims to streamline desenvolvido no dengue diagnosis gives no SUS

Study has Amazonas Government support, It is in progress and you want to diagnose, up to 1 time, patients with dengue.
15/06/2016 13h19 - Updated 15/06/2016 13h19
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A survey carried out with Amazonas Government support, via the Foundation of Amazonas State Research (Fapeam), the Biological Sciences student Arlesson Viana, do Instituto Federal do Amazonas (Ifam), It is analyzing a simplified method with potential use for basic health services for molecular diagnosis of dengue.

According to the student, nowadays, Dengue is diagnosed only by serological techniques and, under zika virus is circulating in the area and being close to the dengue virus, there may be a cross-reaction. He explained that if the antigen react zika, for example, and I think that is dengue, It can be a result of confusion.

"When we work with the molecular test, we are working with genetic material of the virus and we are sure that this kind of virus is the one that has been amplified by technical Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification of (Lamp). This helps in the treatment, epidemiological issue in our country and the differentiation of any arbovirus circulating in our region ", said student.

Viana explained that a patient comes to wait up to seven days in order to be diagnosed with dengue. With the method, he explains, that from the first day of symptom is already possible to collect, extraction of genetic material and amplifying the Lamp technique.

"In seven days, We can give results within one hour. no SUS, It is only used serological technique IGG and NS1. Whose waiting takes, average, 7 days to be able to confirm diagnosis for IGG. The LAMP is different from that works with the genetic material of the virus ", he explained Viana.

The study was scientific merit, in 2015, during the 28th Brazilian Congress of Microbiology, issued by the Brazilian Society of Microbiology, held in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina.

The research is being developed under Support Program Scientific Initiation (Pack). The results were presented during the 24th Annual Meeting of Scientific Initiation (Raic) promoted by the Institute Leonidas and Maria Deane (ILMD / Fiocruz Amazon). According to researcher, the Foundation has been important to the development of this and other research. "The support of Fapeam is essential for any study carried out in the Amazon", finished Viana.

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