STF minister asks explanations the judge who authorized the search in the house of Gleisi

Celso de Mello sent a list of four questions to the judge Paulo Bueno de Azevedo to the magistrate explain.
25/06/2016 14h10 - Updated 25/06/2016 14h10
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The Minister of STF (Supreme Court) Celso de Mello decided on Friday (24) request information from the Federal Court of São Paulo on the authorization to search and seizure in functional apartment of Gleisi Senator Hoffman (PT-PR). The aim of the search was the husband of Senator, former Minister Paulo Bernardo.

The minister asked the judge Paulo Bueno de Azevedo, the 6th Federal Criminal Court of São Paulo, clarify the “precise limits imposed the execution of search and seizure measure” held on Thursday (23) in the house of PT, in Brasilia.

Mello sent a list of four questions to the judge Paulo Bueno de Azevedo, the 6th Federal Court of São Paulo. According to the Jota, the minister wants the judge explain:

1. If the searches made on Thursday were based on the fact that Paul Bernardo declared that address "as one of his residences";

2. If the searches were restricted to Paul Bernardo, their "goods, electronic equipment, values, documents and other evidence”;

3. If there was order for return of objects and documents "possibly" seized the Gleisi Hoffmann Senator;

4. If the judge ordered the seizure of "goods, documents, values, equipment and any other disclosing elements of criminal act related to Gleisi Hoffmann”.

The request for Minister's explanations was prompted by a complaint made by the Senate to the Supreme Court challenging the legality of the action functional apartment without permission of the Court, asking that the search be annulled and the seized material be returned to the couple.

The organization argues that the function of the PT apartment is owned by the House and, that is why, It is subject to the same immunity. Besides that, according to the application, It would be impossible to separate the ownership of documents, objects and property seized at the home of a couple, therefore, Senator would be achieved by the act.

Source: Sheet S. Paulo / O Anagonista

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