Live accepts complaint and Cunha woman turns defendant in Lava Jato

MPF says Claudia Cruz was aware of the crimes practiced. Defense Claudia Cruz will manifest after the examination of the complaint.
09/06/2016 14h10 - Updated 9/06/2016 14h29
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Federal Judge Sergio Moro accepted the complaint on Thursday (9) Lamb against Claudia Cruz, wife of the President of the House away Eduardo Cunha, Portuguese businessman Idalécio Castro Rodrigues de Oliveira, lobbyist John Augusto Rezende Henriques, and the former director of the International area of ​​Jorge Luiz Zelada Petrobras originated in a process of Operation Lava Jato. Thereby, they become defendants in the case.

According to the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), Claudia Cruz was fully aware of the crimes practiced and is the only parent of the account in the name of offshore Köpek, in Switzerland, through which paid credit card spending abroad totaling more than US $ 1 million within seven years, between 2008 e 2014.

Investigations indicate that the value is totally incompatible with wages and lawful heritage of her husband.
“Almost all of the money deposited in Köpek (99,7%) It originated in the accounts Triumph SP (US$ 1.050.000,00), Netherton (US$ 165 one thousand) e Orion SP (US$ 60 one thousand), all belonging to Eduardo Cunha”, afirma o MPF.

Cunha accounts hidden abroad, Also according to the MPF, They were used to receive and move kickbacks, they were products of crimes against public administration committed by him.

Investigations show that “by means of the same account Köpek, the accused also favored part values ​​of a bribe of about $ 1,5 million that her husband received for “acquiring viabilizar'', Petrobras, from 50% block 4 an oil exploration field off the coast of Benin, in Africa, in 2011″.

Not release, Judge Sergio Moro says Claudia Cruz may have acted intentionally or with willful blindness. “(…) the very concealment of these values ​​in secret accounts abroad, for it also unstated, the apparent inconsistency of the expenses incurred from the account with the lawful income of the couple, coupled with the stated disinterest in her question the origin of funds, authorize, at least in this early stage of receipt of complaint, recognition can act with any malice or willful blindness (…)”, Moro says.

In the same decision, Sergio Moro also issued a new remand warrant against João Henriques, which is already held in the Medical Penal Complex in Pinhais, the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba. He had been convicted of a crime of accepting bribes, with sentence of six years and eight months in prison, closed original scheme.

The federal judge also ruled that federal prosecutors (MPF) manifests itself on its position as the daughter of Danielle Cunha Cunha Dyitz, since there was no filing promotion.

Part of the complaint against Claudia Cruz and the other three are based, according to the MPF, the transfer of the case related to Eduardo Cunha made by Switzerland to the Attorney General, in September 2015.

Eduardo Cunha was denounced by the Attorney General for the crimes of bribery and money laundering. As the complaint was investigated without jurisdiction by function prerogative, It was the break up of the investigation authorized by the Supreme Court (STF).

Luxury Shopping
The funds in the account were used Claudia Cruz, for example, to pay luxury purchases made with credit cards abroad designer goods such as handbags, shoes and clothes, even as the MPF.

“Another part of the funds was allocated to various personal expenses da Cunha Family, including the payment of educational companies responsible for the studies of the children of Mr away, como a Malvern College (England) e a IMG Academies LLP (U.S)”.

See the crimes to which the accused turned defendants:

Lamb Claudia Cruz – money laundering and tax evasion;
Idalécio Castro Rodrigues de Oliveira – active corruption and money laundering;
Jorge Luiz Zelada – passive corruption;
João Henriques – money laundry, tax evasion and corruption passiv

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