Live gives time for Lava Jato hear the new informers

The MPF has until 25 July for business, new informers.
21/06/2016 13h18 - Updated 21/06/2016 13h18
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Federal Judge Sergio Moro, leading the actions of Operation Lava Jato, granted until the day 25 July to the Federal Public Ministry to hear entrepreneurs Vinicius Veiga Borin, Luiz Augusto France and Marcos Pereira de Sousa Bilinski.

The three are the new informers Lava Jato.

Only to give evidence so far, Vinicius Borin said that Odebrecht had acquired a bank to pay bribes abroad. According to the executive, o Meinl Bank Antigua, supposedly the contractor, turnover of at least US $ 1,6 billion.

The prosecution had asked on Friday, 17, the approval of whistleblower arrangements of the three.

In this ocasion, the Lava Jato task force attached to the records the testimony of Vinicius Borin and the three terms of the award-winning collaboration agreements, with clauses that executives must meet.

During the hearing on the afternoon of Monday, 20, Sergio Moro suspended the testimony of three businessmen who were scheduled for Wednesday, 22.

The suspension of the testimony of the executives was requested by the defense Luiz Eduardo Soares da Rocha, linked to Odebrecht, until the testimonials and approved are finalized collaborative agreements.

“Grant to the Federal Public Ministry deadline 25 July to harvest the testimony in the agreement of collaboration of the three and their presentation in court, along with recording of relevant videos audios”, determined the judge Lava Jato.


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