Chemistry show brings together more than a thousand students of Judge André Vidal Araujo school

The event is in its second edition and is intended to contribute to student learning.
29/06/2016 11h17 - Updated 29/06/2016 11h17
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Involving about a thousand students, the state school Judge André Vidal de Araújo, located at Avenida Timbiras, in the New Town neighborhood, north of Manaus, promoted the second edition of his show of Chemistry. The pedagogical activity sought to contribute to student learning, showing the usefulness of the fundamentals and theories of discipline, assimilated in classroom.

Arriving at the second edition of the educational event is part of the educational activities of the school calendar and aimed to arouse greater interest of young people for learning chemistry discipline, printing more dynamic teaching.

As the result of research carried out by students, the show featured works and experiments on the following topics: "Electric conductivity", "Wind power", "Alchemy", "Alcohol Production", "Periodic table", "Power Plants", among others.

According to the general coordinator of the show, Professor Elisângela Rock, with educational activities like this, guided by creativity, students are encouraged to study and greater interest in the content taught on a day-to-day classroom. "With dynamic activities, We managed to attract the attention of students. We believe that creativity is a fundamental requirement in teaching and this was one of the show's purposes that had its value, also, to raise conducting field research and to motivate students to carefully prepare their exhibition of work ", said the teacher.

Attending the 2nd year of high school, the student Ludmilla Medeiros, 15, He emphasized that the show favored further knowledge about the topics. "It's an interesting way to learn and to verify the practicality of taught in class. In my case, that the show presented work with smoke rings from dry ice, I could understand the experiment and associate it to the theory contained in the books. I believe that with different methods, we students, we can prepare us, inclusive, more property for evidence as the National High School Exam (one)”, said.

In addition to the teacher Elisângela Rock, Chemistry show, in its second edition, It was coordinated by professors Ricardo Tavares, Elcemira Oliveira, Rennie Nogueira e Tamísio Costa.

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