Movements opposed to the project "School Without Party" make turmoil in open court

Mr Platiny Soares had to ask for support of the Military House of ALEAM and wind up the debate.
24/06/2016 19h50 - Updated 25/06/2016 10h54
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The auditorium John Bosco of Amazonas Legislative Assembly (Alea), It was the scene of a mess that happened on Friday(24), during the first public hearing organized by Mr Soares Platiny (THE). The riot came from a group linked to social movements and political parties opposed to the bill "School Without Party" and had to be restrained by the House Military ALEAM.

The author of the project, Platiny Soares, and the deputy, David Almeida (PSD), They had to stop several times the audience for questions of order and respect for who was in answer. "I want to ask the kindness of all who listen to who is speaking and not offend people who think differently", he asked Almeida.

Approximately 200 people between teachers, students, politicians, movements and representatives of the State Education attended the hearing which started in the morning and was stopped in the early afternoon for about twenty people who have used posters and boos to disrespect who was manifested in favor of the project "School Without Party". The debate had to be closed because of the turmoil. The second public hearing should take place in July, and one of the guests is the lawyer Miguel Nagib, Project author School No Party.

Platiny explained that the main objective of the project is the search for neutrality in the school environment. "Our search is for neutrality, the defense of the plurality of ideas. Today there is a serious problem in some classrooms are addicted for trying to make a partisan recruitment. This law is just an attempt to undo this problem, bringing a pluralism of ideas in the field of politics, Religion and ideologies, preserving the right of parents to educate their children with a neutral moral. This is the time to answer questions, discuss and to accept suggestions ", he said.

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