Changes in CAICs and CAIMIs will expand care for the whole family in the AM

The main aim of the changes is to replace the segmented service model by a model of comprehensive health care of the family.
15/06/2016 16h55 - Updated 15/06/2016 17h01
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Units that provide care services Basic, the Comprehensive Care Centers for Children (Caicos) and Old Age (CAIMIs) They will also undergo changes as part of the reorganization which is being implemented by the Government of Amazonas, the state health network. For these units, the main objective of the changes, highlights the state Secretary of Health, Pedro Elias de Souza, It is to replace the segmented service model, representing mainly the profile of CAICs and CAIMIs, by a model of comprehensive health care of the family. He points out that the changes will not take effect in July, after completion of the phase of presentation of reorganization proposal to the various segments.

To fulfill this new role, five CAICs will be transformed into Comprehensive Care Centers for Family (CAIFs), but act in the same way a Basic Health Unit (UBS) traditional. Are they: CAICs Gilson Paulo Moreira and Xerez (both in the north); Alexandre Montoril (Sul); José Contente (East zone) and Rubim de Sá (West zone). All city districts, therefore, will have units with this profile.

"These units, from the implementation of the new model, not only meet the child, but the whole family, promoting outpatient care with emphasis on diseases prevalent from childhood to adulthood, and the actions of health promotion and prevention of diseases and disorders, mainly, chronic diseases, as diabetes, hypertension, among others", said Peter Elias. He notes that, today, health network has a great demand for treatment of chronic diseases. That is why, emphasizes, the health system must seek efficiency, effectiveness and quality in preventive actions and monitoring of these diseases.

The secretary highlights, still, to strengthen the primary care service helps reduce pressure on emergency rooms, today end up getting a very strong demand of cases that could be solved in primary care units. "It is important to create mechanisms to allow emergency rooms operate more efficiently in highly complex emergency, What is its role ", he said.

In addition to expanding the role of these five CAICs, the State Department of Health (Sesame) the structure uses three other units of the type, to enhance care in hospitals and other network services, expanding, for example, the supply of beds and allowing the establishment of hostels, to welcome mothers who need to monitor the admission of their newborns treated in neonatal intensive care units.

In this way, the CAIC Moura Tapajoz, in the north, It will be integrated into the structure of the Maternity Azilda Marreira, will win, like this, 30 beds and hostel. The CAIC Corina Batista, in the east, have the structure built Maternity Ana Braga, also win 30 beds and hostel. The CAIC beryl Torres, in turn, You will receive the SPA South Zone services (the old SPA building will reform).

The CAICs Afrânio Soares, in the south; Edson Melo, East zone; José Carlos Alberto Mestrinho and Career, both located in the West zone, They will be transformed into other health equipment, still being defined. The staff working in these CAICs will join the new Integral Care Centers to Family.

Regarding CAIMIs, reordering proposed by Susam provides that they are integrated into the structure of other units. Elderly people are now served in polyclinics networks, where they will have access to a greater range of specialties. The service CAIMI André Araújo move to the outpatient area of ​​the hospital Francisca Mendes. His old structure, along with the Maternity Nazira Daou, will enlarge 62 cardiological hospital beds in Francisca Mendes, as well as the establishment of a blood bank in the unit.

The CAIMI Ada Rodrigues Viana will function as Polyclinic, assimilating the outpatient services that worked in SPA and Polyclinic José Lins (which shall function as SPA Family José Lins). Already the physical area of ​​CAIMI Paulo Lima will host, along with the CAIC beryl Torres, the SPA South Zone services. The demand CAIMI Paulo Lima becomes assimilated into the Polyclinic Gilberto Mestrinho.

The new model of Health Care Network will, the specialized attention, with service 6 polyclinics State - Danilo Correa (North Zone); Codajás (Sul), Zeno Lanzini (East zone); Antonio Aleixo (East zone); Gilberto Mestrinho and Cardoso Fontes (both non Center) - In addition to the clinics of the six foundations and state hospitals and polyclinics of the eight municipal. For this segment, the changes are only in the service of the Polyclinic João Braga (North Zone), which will be absorbed by Polyclinic Danilo Correa. In the same district, there are also two polyclinics and municipal management, briefly, will the outpatient clinic of the Hospital Delphina Aziz.

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